Does anyone else has lags even with a very good PC?


  • me too...

  • Same, I'm pretty sure it's about bad optimization for w10. I'm lagging in Markut/Kether and the only way to increase my FPS is to play it on a lower resolution. Since fullscreen in not available on w10, you cant play the game in a little window when the game hud and UI is on the entire screen. I'm playing the game with GTX 1650 and I7. Pretty sure it's not about my specs.

  • yes ... I play at 30 fps 4story and in kheter I have 10 fps but modern games like doom eternal or apex legends I can play them
     in ultra graphics at more than 120 fps

  • Unfortunately, the game seems to be not optimized currently for recent hardware. Maybe they will improve it in the future

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