What happend with the old permanent 8th slot Items

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haven't been playing for quite a while. Actually the last time I played was when Nexon was the game publisher. Although I have not been online since, I have transferred my account to papaya play. First time I logged in I was quite thankful to receive some bonus items (including 8th slot). everything was like it has been.

After logging in a week later (temporary gifted items have been deactivated) I noticed that I don't have access to my 8th slot permanent items (as I used to have access to)? Is this intended? If I constantly need to by WRC to access this 8th slot item (P90, MEDKIT_2, MP5K, GRENADE, MP5K) my WarRock time finally will be over. I get that papaya play is trying to earn money. But for occasional players like me it does not make sense to constantly spent money. The 8th slot permanent items where the only option to compete with way more better constant pay to win items.

Hope there is a way to solve this without paying constant money to compete.




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    Those 8 slot Permanents are like default Items (example: mp5, K2, m24 etc) and locked to the Slot. If you leave your 8 slot empty and relog, those weapons should auto equip back to your 8 slot. The thing is: If a slot expires (like 5 slot) everything you have equipped in that slot will get unequipped (Same happens to your 8 slot weapons) - In order to use them again -> Just relog. They will auto reequip back to your 8 slot (even if you dont have the 8 slot px) and you should be able to use them. This only works for:

    G1: Famas, M249, M134, AI_AW, G36C_D, Medic_kit2, Smokegrenade

    NX: P90, MP5K, FLASHBANG, Medic_kit2

    PP: M60, Smokegrenade, Medic_kit2

    If those Weapons arent reequipping themselfes after a relog, send a ticket. This would mean its bugged.

  • Hey DragonForce,

    thanks a lot for your informative answer! A simple relog solved the problem :)

    Sorry for being impatient and not trying to relog. (feel kind of dumb right now)

    Since we are talking about the topic of permanent weapons: Is it currently possible to acquire any permanent items/weapons (In a way so that I can use them without a monthly payment)?

    1) From what I can see, the current options are buying boxes and being lucky or buying the currently available "Famas_5th_Random_Box"? These Weapons will be added to the inventory and always can be used in 3rd slot?

    2) Since for 8th slot weapons it is written in the shop and your answer also indicates it: Permanent weapons for the 8th slot (apart from the ones you listed) are only available if I also own the 8th slot option?

    3) Did I miss an option to obtain permanent weapons?

    Thank you very much for you help.


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    The thing about ALL permanents (except those listed above) are NOT REAL permanents. Those weapons / items are 3650 - 5000 Days Items. The timer is just invisible (the timer is invisible aslong as the number is above 1825 Days (5 years). So technicaly those weapons are normal weapons like those you buy - just with a high duration. The duration depends on how you obtained those Items. MysteryBoxes are 3650 Days (10 years) by Default. Sometimes the Permanents inside are 5000 Days (~14 years) - but this will be written in the Box description. Military Supply Boxes (those which you need the Military Key for) are always 5000 Days. If those items / weapons are 5 or 8 slot only - you need to buy the Slot in order to use them.

    Those weapons i listed above are "hooked / burned / written" into your Acc and are more like an addition to your 1-4 slot default Weapons. (Lets call them "Special default weapons") those will never expire just like any other default item (like m24, colt etc). Because of the fact that those are "default weapons" you can use them at any given time without the need of any slot/px item.

    So to answe your questions:

    1) If the Permantens are 1- 4 slot (or 6 slot) -> You can use them at any given Time.

    2) Yes for every other 8 slot weapon you need to have the 8 slot PX item to be able to use them

    3) MysteryBoxes, Military SupplyBoxes, Web Gacha & some seasonal homepagebased events.

  • hello ,

    i see what you are saying DragonForceWR .. but none of the things that u say apear when u buy a perma gun.. i mean it doesnt make sense .. imagine going to a store to buy a phone , u pay for it and 2 years later they tell you they want it back because you rented it and did not buy it (u didnt know and they didnt tell u about it).. infact this is what happened to my aw50f navy camo.. i bought it years ago from nexon now its 1700 days.. i sent a ticket to papaya and they didnt answer .. i didnt know that until i read your comments .. and im pretty sure i had the grenade bow permanent and other gun and its not not there ( they are the last guns that i bought so.. ) .. the game has been on for 14 years and im sure it will go for many other years ... i didnt pay money to get a 5000 days gun but purchasing a perma gun .. and im sure there are many players like me who dont know about this.. i mean it says perma... why would i even think that it is for 5 years and i should search it ? if u know anything that u can help me with i would really apreaciate it

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    GamersFirst introduced those 10 Years Weapons right before they gave the Game to Nexon. Nexon took this System and called it "permanent" instead.

    I cant be 100% about the things i will say now because its just me guessing:

    Nexon called it Permanent because they thought (or hoped) the Game would die within the next few years. Means before we would see the timer the Game would have been already closed / down and no one ever would have seen / knew that those weapons were actualy 10 years and not "rly" perm.

    Thats why i "somewhat" understand why it is the way it is. The only way to get real permanents is at the moment you create an Acc (by hooking it into the Acc itselfe - as written above with the 8 slot retail examples) so no Publisher ever was (& is) able to sell real permanents. So why 10 Years and not a higher number? I mean they could have set it to 100 years -> I think nexon simply used the 10 years items template from G1 - because it already existed & they might thought it would be enough so the game dies before it would expire.

    Another Guess. About the decision to call it "permanent" in the first place:

    Maybe it was more like they thought they would keep the Game longer and with "perm" they mean that they would extend the duration aslong as they are the official Publishers of the Game (so it would be "technicaly perm". But since Papaya is now the new publisher this "perm" promise is gone.

    About your Ticket: You sadly cant do anything about it. Papaya will only extend a hand full of weapons. Ive like some Nexon "Permanents" which are at 1300 Days now - and Papaya wont extend them.

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