Let's talk cash and entertainment.

This is not meant to in anyway be a critic to the developers or the Dekaron community team, but rather a suggestion that will help everyone in the long run, including, pulling more players into this awesome game that is still very alive, but rather, unnoticed.

I've played Dekaron since 2Moons, never played it since then to be honest, real life kicked in and only now I found a way to put in some time and I decided to come and bound again with this game.

I started 3 weeks ago, I've been progressing quite a lot, level 198 so far building up gear slowly and accessories, spent real cash just for runes, 15 keys and the 50x Arcadia Protection, but played until 190 without them.

Events for Free-To-Play?

Sure, people that already have a good guild number set up will grind a lot of it, but let's be real, those who don't can't grind the event dungeon. Even those who can will probably not find a pragmatic group to do so constantly and efficiently, so okay, you give us a hunting event with chocolates, very good for the solo player. That's it.


Those players like myself who are willing to put the time, effort and also cash, you don't give up some actual good deals. I mean, gambling on Boxes? Been there, done that, I'm quite lucky I got a good mount from it and some high-selling items for DIL which got me some good Wings for my Vicious Summoner and a decent PvP weapon but I know I'm still far away from high tier PvP. You keep pushing the PvP world forward and the PvE world backwards, the fun in this game is first PvE and then PvP and that is how you make the server DIL circulate flawlessly.

Rune deals? Same old. You should've sticked with the EXP scrolls, especially now with the new dungeon, would be a good time to boost your sales.

The rant is concluded and now I will give you my honest opinion on what will demotivate people from this game.

You force too hard group play even when you finally made it that dungeons reward each participant and your marketing choices are questionable, even I with no degree know that. However, we still lack a good player base to keep it balanced for everyone. The only group play relevant is actually Siege and that alone is enough.

All the sentient people here knows you want to make money in the first place, but at least make good deals out of it, promote free-to-play, especially solo play and don't forget to make good deals in the D-Shop.

Why focus on solo play more? It's a win-win for everyone, everybody starts solo without a benefit, the only time group benefit was a thing, was when we had a full party pulling mobs in Draco Desert repeating the same commission quests, right now, it's just Arcadia Farming Simulator.

This game is very complete, but also very complex, I had to dig a lot to learn a lot of new stuff, I know you guys are working on a new project and stuff, that's a really good step forwards.

"This week's update, we give you a new dungeon to farm another item that will become useless in a couple of months."

Did I make myself clear? You guys are doing great but there's still some things to fix, like, let me exchange 100 Ghosts and 1000 instead of just 10, is it really that hard? I got 9999, that's half an hour of clicking simulator and I need some more free-to-play runes to exchange with my seed of dreams.



  • There's still a lot to say, but I've come from a long shift and I will elaborate more if people are willing to debate this, if not, this was my last post to try and maintain these forums alive, I'm old school.

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    There's too much for me to comment on all of it, but I've heard these criticisms from multiple players, and frankly I agree with most of them.

    However, the reality of the game's business model complicates things, to the point where simply implementing everything as you describe isn't really feasible. I know that's vague and not particularly helpful, but every answer I give seems to invite two more questions, and there comes a point where I don't have all of them.

    Also, while Papaya Play are the publishers of Dekaron; Global, the game still belongs to its development studio, UbiFun, who has the final word on all changes. They are a Korean company and the game is designed primarily for a Korean audience, and adapting our client to the very different preferences and playstyles of the global region doesn't appear to be a priority for them, since they'd rather leave it as close to the Korean client as possible.

    I wish I had better news, especially for players who are obviously so passionate about the game, to the point where they are willing to devote such time and energy to ideas for it.

    Ultimately, my suggestion is to take the game as it is, and enjoy it as such

  • I know it's a bunch of burocracies for you guys which makes it hard for you to maneuver around with players feedback, since you are just the publishers, but maybe you could negotiate with them a little better too, after all, you are paying to publish a game from them and I think they have to concede their end of the contract, right?

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