New Natilla montage! Natilla -Sicko mode - A warrock montage

Hi guys,

Check out my new video:

Show me what do you think of this on youtube!



  • This is the lagger without ping?? How the kid can´t ask mom to buy better connection? When ping limit feature comes available for room master that will be the end for lagg natilla!

  • in what minute second is the lagg present?

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    Its your stupid Microlaggs that makes you anoying AF. Hard to dodge a bullet of your kind of laggers. Its hard to counter react to micro lagged shots. We try to abvoid your bullets, but you already hit us at your end. We dodge / avoid them at our End but still die. GG SkillZ.

    Lame Video BTW. You think that it is some sort of skill to use a 1 hit, low spread, 100 Accuracy, no Bullet Drop weapon in 2021. U are Bad. Thats why you mostly loose every snipe fight vs me - Even with your retarded Microlaggs advantage.

  • Great example of what WarRock has become. Do you understand our frustrations now Dragon? I can even see the lagg on this guy his screen and he is acting like a pro, i have never heard of this guy before lmao.

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    Why "now" ? I dont get what you want from me, everyone hates to get killed by laggers so its nothing new.

    Btw. Its funny how he blocks/removes every negative comment at his Video xd

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    @macie90 I just did the video for fun!, not saying i'm pro, thanks for the view, kisses.

  • good luck american server

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