Hey , I here to make a voice over this recent ESF concern on VOTING regarding ESF. For those who doesn't know about it the last ESF Voting was RIGGED . If people Think that the way to enjoy ESF , I guess many player will not play anymore !! GOOD LUCK WITH THE FRAUD AND MANIPULATION.



  • You need to stop whining cause it won't go away since many players do use alts for different reasons. It's not like 1st time that many players tried to manipulate results of ESF votes. Many players also used alts to manipulate market rates, quests aka grinding adventure skills/levels, investment, etc. They are doing for this for ages. As for me, I am sber r20 and played Treasure Cove that's why I need more space in inventory for ship parts and items from TC. LOL

    In reality, you would have to blame on Koei/hosting ie NM (Korea)/Papaya (US), etc for manipulated stuffs in order to make maximum profits that forced players to create more accounts. Inventory hasn't increased since UWO created despite it brought shitload of contents after major updated ie Age of Revolution every time.

    After all, UWO is P2W big time that's reason why many maritime players will keep playing by spending on ESF/BC. I hate to say that I don't participate ESF because of instability connection especially late night.

    Ah I remember many players got rekt when they went all on Manchester by voted to take on Portugal's side ,but GM forced to make set up for English vs. Portugal. France ended up on English lol.

  • @dillweed i love how people think they speak for everyone even though they are the only one's who didn't like the turn out lol.

    How was the vote unfair? The sides had venice most of england and spain together. With that pvp teamup they should've destroyed that esf! I joined dutch (I'm english) but yet we still won!?it's not because of the team up, it was because the dutch played smart (turned over ports before event and brought down the remaining venice fort) and it was a lower turnout for venice.

    Hey if you want better results then plan and play better! Theoretically venice should've won according to the team up. :p

  • Marek and PG13 created alts to flip the vote from Manchester to Pondicherry. On last day of voting Manchester was up around 13%. So, due to that none of the usual Dutch players showed up. Who cares about Pondicherry when it should have been an esf against English territories?

    Better results? yea, cbf to create alts to rig the vote. That's not how you should play.

  • So @LyonesseJoseph in your opinion , u don't mind either side or anyone to create as many alts to just mess up ESF if anyone feel they wanted to change any result.

    purplepirate there no link from what you trying to related. I bet u didn't understand my statement. From what i see you just trying to justify. U don't speak for everyone either. So in your word plan better meaning create tons of alts and Slammed a result. It easy !! any dick duck or harry can do it !

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    @dillweed there is a link to what I'm saying. I'm stating that with or without alts you just have play and enjoy the event as best you can. Most times I don't even vote and don't care, I just play to win the event if I can whatever the vote turnout. You can't have every scenario the way you want and have to adapt to unfavourable conditions sometimes and make the best of it. Eventhough I don't speak for everyone, i don't have to with this belief.

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    So Why bother to VOTE ?

    Why bother sticking to one nation? Just go for and random fight ! No difference !

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  • Why vote? Well, voting is subjective and can give great advantages to a country if they win the event. But in this case it sounds like you need better communication with your country mates when it comes to doing this event. But why would you want to attack manchester for when england is in 4th place and venice is in 1st place. Logically, it would be better to attack venice to knock them down on the standings and increase the dutch's rank. By not attacking venice, you just help them solidify their 1st place rank.

    But to let you know what might have happened. A few days before the event, marek came to me and asked me for my help in the esf (i'm english). Eventhough england was an open mercenary this time, I'm obviously not going to attack my own ports so the target was flipped. Don't see why you would complain if it ended up in victory for your side!

    Ironically, I made a post back in 2019 about the dutch using alts to manipulate the vote lol. But in that case it was done to cancel the event to prevent a loss rather than to just change targets where we all still got to play...

  • Why attack England? because England sucks that's why.

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    My question is simple u been trying to deflect and not answer my question . From what i see Manchester is in Euro and most Dutch would support the rivalry vs England rather than going India for Venice ! And most people is not interested in Nation ranking as much consider investment is able to with nation ranking if that answer your question. Most Dutch main and Spain main already voted their side . But someone went in make tons of alts to change result. Sorry i'm not interested in your love affair with Marek either , if he not happy with Dutch side France side or Spain side he can go to English side , instead of creating so much accounts. And btw i didn't know what happen back in 2019, i would think they use they alts to vote but i doubt they create ton of addition just to change the result. If u want to link might as well go back to Gama. AGAIN my question here is very simple , IF u believe in Creating alts and change result it will happen and happen again, or maybe if someone have enough free time change result in England i wonder what will happen and no one take part !!! So i think you are not constant on your opinion . If u don't agree then stick the what it is .

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    Just to share another thing don't meddle with other nation decision to vote. And this this one of the reason why no one bother to do ESF !!

  • wow, never seen someone so upset at winning an event before lol. If you beef if with english players then i don't see what your problem is since most of the english sided with venice anyways so you would still have to fight against them! lol. But like I said it sounds like the dutch need better communication and planning since you never see these problems with any other country. My stance is that personally I don't care as long as we get to play although I made it clear in my earlier thread that i don't condone the over use of alts since it doesn't reflect the majority sometimes. Lyonesse explained why people use alts in different situations and regardless of what you or I say they are here to stay so you have to expect the unexpected sometimes.

    And if you think I had anything to do with influencing this then you are a moron. I couldn't care less where the event is or who plays against whom. If you guys ended up attacking manchester then fine, of course then I'd be playing against you instead of helping you...

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    Why would i sound upset to u that funny! You still unable to answer the question. either you have low intelligence or completely retarded. LOL !!! The abuse of using of alts u mean, It seems to be a expose of legitimate flaw in the system. I think someone like to meddlesome with other nation too much. This is why people like u are totally toxic in UWO, and i highly doubt anyone in Dutch consider marek a dutch nation in game. he should try to be with other nation. It been appear that he support English side more than Dutch side however. It seems that English trying to split Dutch , Spanish player ever since. Just play the game normally. FYI it been clear the English side wanted a so call balance ESF and trying to balance their side .EVERYONE KNOWS IT! Com'on MAN!!!

  • you only asked one thing in this thread...Your question...

    @dillweed u don't mind either side or anyone to create as many alts to just mess up ESF if anyone feel they wanted to change any result.

    My response...

    @Purplepirate  i don't condone the over use of alts since it doesn't reflect the majority sometimes.

    You need to learn how to read...

    As for being toxic, i'm not the one who came on a public forum slamming the game and the people who play it. No Troll YOU are the toxic element in this game and should probably look for something else to play since you are the one who is so unhappy with UWO...

    Please LET the DOOR hit you in the ass when you leave, thx byee...

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    That funny . since u open the same thread topic u mention yourself in 2019. To begin with my intend is not to slammed anyone . I been repeating saying the abuse of alts and creating accounting on changing vote. You can't even make a stand on here , rather to take the issue on sides rather than what is being right or wrong. Which is Why u are a toxic element. By the way I'm happy with UWO. Just that some player behavior is like kids. They need to have a moral education teacher. Which is why too many Brats and cyberbullying and racist attack often in online game. Shaming other gamers etc .

    Again , you can't even answer a simple question and trying to act smart.

    Please don't not mix with other incident of alts usage for personal use.

    Opening account just to change vote by creating tons of alts it either Yes or No. Then move on !

    Bye Felicia!!

    Drop mic!

  • Oh, I begun to wonder about CBL ,so I may have realized that many players probably used ton of alts because Spain is almost always win CBL lol.

  • I did answer your question, you just choose not to acknowledge it (or even read it). You've ignored everyone thoughts about your topic and continue ranting. Lyonesse explained that alts are used in many different aspects of this game, and i followed by stating that because of that, you have to be prepared for the the unexpected sometimes and need to adapt. None of us have disputed your argument only your attitude.

    Now, if your whole shpeal is just to 'support the dutch rivalry', then that's fine but in your own words the world standing don't matter. So by that right then as long as you get to fight against the english then it shouldn't matter where the battle is. The rivalry that you refer to is between various players (the nation is immaterial) and since england sided with venice you got to play against them anyways! If you didn't like the turnout then you didn't have to play. Alts are here to stay regardless of what you or I think you have to get used to it, why do you think the economy is so out of wack, it's because of easy alt use for nanbaning. Fortunetly, the abuse doesn't happen all the time in ESF but complaining about it wont' change things. Just adapt and enjoy the event or sit that one out simple...

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    Honestly there is no point being upset about this. Ever since this game started people have been spamming alts to game the system whether its to sway ESF voting to doing 5 fleet nanban, to getting multiple 1 time only drops, to creating zombie companies for free storage it simply is what it is. With ESF alt voting at least they're actually getting something out of it lol. They used to make hundreds of alts to evade block to troll me...and Ziad made over 150 alts one time to troll GM's on the forum lmao...good times lol at least with ESF alt voters they actually benefitted in some way.

    I bring this up to say existed before you, you cant stop it and if people would make 150 alts to troll a forum for NO GAIN at all what makes you think they won't see how much ESF alt voting upsets you and only embolden them to do MORE ESF alt voting just to piss you off! You know its true lol. Take my veteran advice dont complain it will only make more people do it to troll you just adapt and go with the flow because theres nothing you can do about it.

  • @CPC that's why ZIAD used to be banned . CPC talking about ESF related stuff when "Shim" doesn't ESF at all ! Where your auction CPC? or u forget to camwhore in your transgender dress. Let the troll of CPC begin . I miss the troll on CPC everytime i read on forum ,ivory etc. Maybe CPC prefer hard and raw one . which type you prefer!

  • At the end of the day I don't think anything could be done about a situation like this. I'm not aware of what actually transpired, but I am not surprised it has happened given some of the players and attitudes of the players. While it's true and apparant that using "alts" to manipulate a vote is, in my view, somewhat underhanded, legally it's allowed in the game because of the game parameters. (I vote with my three "mains" but I never vote with any of my storage alts. I also vote from the character's perspective, not biased to any one of my character's nations.)

    In my view, it sort of doesn't go with the spirit of the game to skew the voting in such a way. That said, what can be done? Nothing really. It's like pirates using a spotter toon; in my opinion it's really a lazy way to hunt, but it's still legally allowed.

    My suggestion would be to simply not associate with those types of players or try to convince them to do things in the spirit of the way the vote was intended to be carried out. Or, if one feels really strongly about it, to simply not do ESF if such behaviour continues.

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