Boo's Solo Self-Found Challenge

Boo's Solo Self-Found Challenge


As of recently, I've been longing the return to simpler times. I miss the old vibes UWO used to give me. And for that reason, I am starting a Solo Self-Found character. For those not aware of what this is, it's essentially playing a multiplayer game, but singleplayer.


To properly do this I gave myself a set of rules I need to abide by:

  • No alts
  • No fleeting
  • No schools
  • No trading (except a few UWC items you simply need at a certain point)*
  • Allowed to join or create a company and use the shared storage, but only my own items

*List of purchasable items in docs added below

Feel free to copy this for your own use.


As someone who always believed that the game is supposed to be played without alts (albeit, with help from other players) I want to give it a proper try. However it'll be difficult with the number of skills, therefore I will be mostly focussing on trade & adventure. Considering my main 'boo' which some might know is only maritime and can't do anything else.

I will keep this thread as my own documentary and see where the ship will sail, and eventually beach.

For now, bon voyage.


  • So first things first, I am 1/0/0 since I started with an adventure toon. Have 50k ducats and 0 fame. Where do I start, well first off I do some low-level quests. To slowly build up the character. You might wonder why I chose Venice? Well, easy. Venice is the best nation coughs. But it was mainly because of a certain pair of quests you can get here that I was aware of that can give me some PO4s. Although my first spice run is far into the future.

    For now, I will be focussing on getting fame to get port permits.

  • The first day of moving up and down the Adriatic I ended up with 170k cash, 980 fame and 9/5/3 in levels. Essentially doing a mix of adventure/trading quests whilst buying and selling wares across ports.

  • Alright, day two!

    Essentially back to the grind, doing Sufferings of the reagular shipment and Deliver Parsley. Hopefully, the quest shows up for a Merchant's Guild Card so I can get Accounts. After that I want to invest in a real battleship, a Battle Barca, maybe something flashier if the money allows me to.

    With the Battle Barca I want to get battle up to level 7 so I can get Shipbuilding. Good thing ships can now be built from rank 1 😅

  • First big upgrade, replaced my Explorer Barca for a plain Caravel! As my tradition goes, shipname stays the same but I increase the digit behind it. So here is 'Natus II'

    It's already significantly faster with 3 studding sails, albeit that it was quite expensive and I couldn't invest in proper sails so I took some cheap ones. It should also help me get through the battle levels, or so I hope.

    Down to 41k cash 😢

  • Meanwhile, I've gotten back some money. Actually not too bad, the Caravel made me way more money. Back up to 650k as we speak! After doing a day of merchant quests without ever popping the merchant's guild card quest I suppose I am missing something. And 20 experience per quest ain't it either. Grabbed some additional skills to try and gather some rare trade goods which hopefully earns me some more experience per sell-off.

    And well, to grind the skills I actually had to whip out the calculator to figure out what clerk vigour food is good money per vigour point 😅

  • Right, spending some time and money grinding collection for rare trade goods paid off straight away. Definitely the way to go. Even earned 754 trade experience without a trade job. Very, very nice.

  • The third day consisted of mostly doing battle-related stuff so I could get Shipbuilding.

    One of the things was doing a Ganador match against Maymay, needless to say, I won 😎

    However, this was absolutely worthless for battle experience so I switched to the good old battle reports. Sunk 50 Barca's outside Venice to try the formidable, but that was near impossible. The 50 Barca's gave more than enough experience to reach level 7 battle required for Shipbuilding. Besides it earned me around 550k so it's also a decent way of making money.

    So for the next step of actually learning Shipbuilding I need to enter Tunis. Tunis requires 20 disguise since it's owned by the Ottoman. And frankly, it is really difficult to get disguise when you need disguise to enter the ports that sell the equipment. After some time wasted in the Balkans looking for enough disguise I decided to sail over to Palma to get a hat with 20 disguise.

    For now, I'm going to increase my adventure levels some more till I can sail a Cruise Sloop, which I hopefully can make without the hull 🙏

  • So I changed the rules a little bit. I do allow the Beginner's ROLE Course Final Exam for the Guild Card to swap jobs. As you can't get guild cards for each role since they're locked out by each their own skill. In regards to trading that's Accounts. So basically I need that or else I'd get stuck really quickly.

    I do however ditch the ship since that was the primary reason for not allowing schools to begin with.

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