Guide to legendary skill missions

I'm having trouble continuing to do the legendary skills missions and not even a guide anywhere on the internet, here in the forum could have.

And taking advantage of the post, I would like to know how to level up faster, maybe a guide. Or do you only level up through level missions?

Thanks in advance.


  • It actually depends. I only level up through level missions. Let's wait for others to answer your query.

  • A beginner's guide on legendary missions is needed. I have to spend almost two weeks at home and just started playing. I am far from legendary missions, but I like writing guides. I'll take care of it soon

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    Hi jhoecaulne and Rlyseeyou

    I'm worried you may have posted this in the wrong game section (This is 4Story Forum).

    I do suggest you to ask again the question in the right game forum, pretty sure then you'll receive help/support by the players and/or the Papaya Team

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