Are you aware of the life of this server ?

hello community!

What started?

I wonder sometimes if a study is made in game for the good progress of this last.

You have to believe not.

A server who is seen at the top at these early days was quickly deserted in a flash. We wonder why?

A defugel faction with 5 players logged in and some hard-to-resist resistance fighter as a defugel at the time of conquests.

The pvp which has become non-existent whether in conquest or in BG and world wars (see if it starts;))

A few Item Shops much too expensive for my taste, for example, spending 5 euros to have 2x 22,000 HP pet which will not even keep us 4 days by farming intensively;)

PVE content that becomes boring by going around in circles. Certainly we can count on the events but hey a hide-and-seek it's funny when you are 10 years old hahaha, but I'm not here to criticize the latter I just hope that for the GM that there will still be players left for the found otherwise the poor person may wait a long time XD

Although mardook had become interesting to farm, it was still necessary to increase the level of the monsters to make it just as long to do solo but still possible.

It's a shame, but to my taste I think that these next days we will find an empty server without any interest (see if this is not the case unfortunately).

Here I think I said what I wanted to share with those who will want to read this little block;)

And sorry if the translation is not done correctly

Good game to you if your heart is still taking XD


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