[BS-GLB EVENT] Easter Hunt

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Hello BlackShot Global Mercs,

Get in the mood for the greatest hunt of all and rack up the points for valuable rewards.


  • 11 Mar - 5 Apr 2021 Tue, Fri, 2100HRS CET


  • At the above timings, the GMs will host a match;
  • The room location and password will be announced via lobby announcement. Join the room and fight!
  • You will be rewarded Easter Eggs based on the number of points you have at the end of the match;
  • Based on your Easter Egg count, you will receive a different reward;
  • You can only participate once a day and abusive behavior is grounds for disqualification;
  • Rejoining mid-match and the use of smoke grenades are not allowed;


  • 1 ~ 5 Easter Eggs: Med Kit+ 3 days
  • 6 ~ 10 Easter Eggs: Slugger+ 3 days
  • 11 ~ 20 Easter Eggs: Kriss Vector Azure+ 3 days
  • 21 ~ 30 Easter Eggs: HK416 Tuah+ 3 days
  • +30 Easter Eggs: MSR Venomphoenix+ 3 days

Team BlackShot

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