[BS-GLB EVENT] Easter Trials

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Hello BlackShot Global Mercs,

This Easter season, show your dedication to the call of battle by completing a series of trials in exchange for valuable rewards!


11 Mar - 5 Apr 2021


Complete the trials below within the event period to win the associated rewards. Your playtime in the respective modes can be accumulated over the course of multiple days as long as it’s within the event period:

  • Trial 1: Play 150 minutes RM Mode
  • Trial 2: Play 200 minutes on TDM Mode
  • Trial 3: Play 100 minutes on DOM Mode
  • Trial 4: Play 200 minutes on TFM Mode


Farming is not allowed and a history of abusive behavior is also grounds for disqualification.


Trial 1: AWP TR+ 7d

Trial 2: BAMF Edge Gold+ 7d

Trial 3: P90 Legion+ 7d

Trial 4: Travis Neo+ 7d

Team BlackShot

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