Covid-19 Restrictions in your place

Hi folks,

This thread is indeed off topic, truly not related to games. ...well, just to touch with reality somehow.

Do your place still impose Covid-19 restrictions? How is the travel in and out of your place? Hope to hear from you guys.



  • hi sourstart,

    Yes the place that I lived still have restrictions but it aint that strict unlike ECQ days. For now, we still have the general restrictions when going out. And I observe too that slowly some states are already opening up.

    Somehow, this lockdown brought us something positive. I came across an article (, and upon reading it - it is true that there are advantages of the lockdown that we are experiencing. So I am still glad in any way.

    I was able to relate to the part of creating more intimate memories with our families. That is special despite of the danger that this Covid19 have - so if everyone is still in lockdown, lets be thankful of the help it can give.

  • Hi falleider,

    That was a great article. True enough that we realized a lot during this Covid19 pandemic. One thing that really struck me was how life is so precious that we should keep in mind our health and as well with our loved ones. And that hygiene and strong immune system will shield us against sickness. Living life as simple as we can, and spending quality time with our family. Thanks for sharing!

    I guess I will just postpone my travel plans and just think of creative ways with my family. 😊

  • Hey how you doing? That's a good read mate. Let's be positive to combat the virus. A positive mindset will boost our body. Let's pray too that this year will be better.

  • Hi @GameSlash

    Glad you have checked the article. And yes, let's just be positive. It is been a year since the pandemic started and it affected everyone. The vaccines are out but some are still apprehensive about it. So these things going on are not that easy. But positivity helps clear our minds and think properly.

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