Have anyone try making Perpetus with 3 days infinite dragonic Perpetus box?

Tittle said it all, if u have done it please lemme know what happen if u fail? Will u lose the 3days perpetus box or wat happen? thank you verymuch..


  • Yes, the box is consumed on a failure.

  • Ohh that's not good, thanks for the reply.

  • what the % chance of succesing perpetus?

  • We don't release exact percentages for upgrade success rates or random box results, but the Perpetuus craft is lower than 50%. It will likely require a few attempts at least.

  • I made my very first perpetuus through the crafting system, ctrl +r...

    i failed before on trieste server 10+ times in a row, but on helion, I got my very first perpetuus on the second try.

    ty GM's for the success rate info for perpetuus.

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