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Hello dragons,

Feel free to come up with suggestions in terms of events that we can hold. So far from our own experience we have a few on the list such as Hide & Seek, VGM/GM PVP, Boss Spawns.

Please add up your suggestions below by answering the topic. We'll evaluate the inputs and decide on the aspect of rewards/time/location/implication of each.

Have a great one! 😉


  • Party events: for example 3+ players join dungeon together and all receive special items required for resource/create (dont make ridiculous 3% create chance :D)

  • Special quests. For example event bring quest with special quest line: kill 200 mobs, find 50 items, finish dungeon and on the end receive Tender stone Divine, exp x7 cards and etc.

  • ultimately, it would have to be something that can't be abused, since it's easy to create sockpuppet accounts, and I don't know who's calling the shots here about multiboxing, but it needs to be addressed.

    But yeah, since getting X number of people together to co-operate is no small task, the rewards should be commensurately worthwhile.

  • I. In game :

    1. Box/Treasure Spawn – The treasure boxes will be spawned on all servers at random times during the weekend
    2. Hide ‘N’ Seek event! -The GM will send notices when he arrives on the server, mentioning which map he will be hiding in. As time progresses he will provide clues to where he is hiding. The first player to find and initiate trade with the GM will be handsomely rewarded.
    3. Weekend Event!, General Wei lost his Treasure (spawn TGW in Bloody plain)!- Poor General Wei was moving his cache of items and weapons to a new, safer location recently when a sudden thunderstorm broke out and caused the horses carrying the cache to run in every direction. This caused his beloved treasure boxes to be scattered all over The Land. General Wei and his Minions plan to meet first before spreading out to the rest of The Land. The evil General and his followers will congregate in Bloody Plains on each server during the Event Times per server (noted below). You can create parties to help yourself and other to gain rewards from the bosses invading Bloody Plains. True General Wei has a called his army to invade more than just Bloody Plains however. He and his lieutenants will be scouring all areas of The Land looking for their lost treasure boxes. So you never know when and where you will come across his army or his missing Treasure.
    4. Weekend GM Event: spawn bosses. All 9dragons bosses have risen to capture the Bloody Plains & Hefei ! It is even rumored that the True General Wei is the one behind all of this and will appear this weekend to destroy all the Kung Fu masters of The Land! This is unacceptable and all the Clans will have to gather together in the Bloody Plains to fight this menace!
    5. The Days of Immortals : (level up event) - Level up one character from 0 to H Immortal level in X days.
    6. Dogs of Lore : quiz from GMs.
    7. Korean events : Christmas, Halloween, Lunar Event, special events, Hefei tournaments, Anniversary.

    II. Forum :

    1. Contests on different occasions with in game content or writing skills, video making.
  • Treasure hunt event:

    search for box or item in map, box keep respawning in diffrent map locations, open box, find event item, collect reward.

  • Treasure box spawn - Great idea. Challenging enough to feel rewarding, but not a straight gear/grind contest.

    Hide and Seek - These take a bit of time which we're a little short on right now, but once things settle down, I'd love to run something like this.

    General Wei lost his Treasure - Might be tricky to code. Sure would be a blast if it can be done, though.

    Spawn Bosses - What, like in the middle of Hefei? Where all the AFK vendors are sitting? Sounds... delightful.

    The Days of Immortals - Awesome idea. Stealing.

    Dogs of Lore - Guess who wrote the OX Quiz questions? But I once ran a casual event on Dekaron, the "Wish-Granting Trivia Worm", who asks trivia questions, and grants wishes to the first correct answer. Please note that wishes will be purposely misinterpreted and granted in whichever way I find most amusing, generally by spawning dozens of monsters. It's a stupid game, expect stupid prizes.

    Korean events - We do a lot of these.

    Forum Contests - Oh my, yes. Again, once things settle down here in operations, but definitely.

  • The server is dead !!

    This is a new server and need a good event of relics or clothing or some good item for farm !! Epi evento ? Really ? Branch drop a better epi !! The ppl need farm potala or coc for gold and the weekend x3 or x2 drop is a good event !! Look the server now is dead no one farm no one sell ! When this event ends the server will have no ppl!!

    Remember those words !!

  • Make an event called Ocha where people have to farm Ocha coins. And pray to Ocha and give gold to Ocha. And praise Ocha’s rooster.

    Make this happen! Make 9dragons great again!

    This will wipe all past mistakes and forgive even previous publishers. This might not be what the community wants, but it is what the community needs.

    Oh, and add boxes with super low % chance so you can make moneh

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    Make the Ultimate tablet more accessible for everybody. This is not an event but this just needs to happen imo.

  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs?

  • This will probably happen someday, but I have no idea when. The Ultimate Tablet price has been lowered on other 9Dragons services, but these ones have progressed further than ours so the UT's value have dropped, relatively.

    Whether or not we agree with it, UT's are intended to be inaccessible, and to take ages to farm. Items with near-mythical rarity, and with power to match, are pretty standard among Korean multiplayer games.

  • How about holiday events? Halloween and Christmas is near, few months to go!

  • There will certainly be a Christmas event, and probably something for Halloween too. Halloween is, in my experience, more of a Western thing, so the degree of the event can depend on how individual publishers feel about it. But we'll come up with something ourselves if there's nothing bigger planned.

    What would you expect from a Halloween event?

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    idea 1: Suggestion to use "Blood Essence " as Event resource/Create list , to encourage players to Farm even when there's no actual holiday event, or simpley change BloodPoints reward from BloodEssence to other random useful item.

    idea 2: here's another suggestion for event rewards list:

    Event resource reward list suggestion (Low Price (Silver)):

    Couriers Guild Voucher 

    XP card box (Box contains random number of Item Drop Card(s), range from x2 to x10 XP bonus card(s))

    Item Drop card box (Box contains random number of Item Drop Card(s)m range from 100% to 500% bonus Item drop Card(s))

    Temporary 30 Days Weapon

    Temporary 30 Days Set (Clothes)

    Temporary 30 Day Relic

    Temporary 30 Day Bag

    Temporary 30 Day Deco

    Sealed Bead Box Low (box that contrain 1-5 Sealed Bead (Mid))

    Event resource reward list suggestion (High Price (Gold)):

    Permenant Weapon Box (Contain random weapon with refinement level of 1 to 15)

    Permenant Deco Box (male/female)

    Permenant Clothes Box (Contain random weapon with refinement level of 1 to 15)

    Permenant Relics Box (Contain random relics)

    Permenant Random Ornaments Box (contrain random Weapon/Clothes ornaments)

    Sealed Bead Box (box that contrain 1-5 Sealed Bead High (High))

    Event Create List (require Gold (money) + other "Event" item(s)): --> why require gold/money?it is to prevent game money infalation problem.

    Premium Box (contrain new Premium package 7/15/30 Days).

    Sealed Bead (Excellent) (require money + Sealed Bead (High)).


  • https://forum.papayaplay.com/discussion/comment/5288#Comment_5288 There was an error displaying this embed.

    Great suggestion! Blood Essence as a reward for Blood Points feels quite outdated, to the point where I wonder why it's still in the game. An upgraded reward would be nice, and while the developers are pretty busy, a random reward list of this sort might have their interest. I'll try and propose it to them when I get the chance.

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