Is LaTale Dead? Here's How We Change It!


  • No, its not dead xp Why did you say so? Maybe, some are getting bored only but, eventually will come back.

  • Is it??!!! Are there few players and almost all inactive?

  • How is it?

  • I did not know how did they say it is dead ;(

  • I don't even see people in this game. All city are just empty.

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    This game is far from dead.

  • I feel like this game needs more party oriented content. It feels... too solo. That's great for the average joe who logs in for a while but idk.. I kinda miss the days I had to grind with people or have to participate in dungeons to level up ):. It's those elements of MMO that feel like it's striped away

  • dungeons need 1 more mode for quests only, extra ez

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    dead? just create a character I can't even do it!!! no awnser from GM when someone asked cannot click the bottom part of my screen!

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  • This game official died after they deleted old progress and revamped everything, basically removing the point of any multiplayer aspects and making the game so easy you can get to 1 to 150 in less then a day there is no gratification they had a amazing game and ruined it

  • there was 2 people in belos myself included, wheres Rick Grimmes? game def walking dead asf lol

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