Contest [Closed] - No, it's not "Golden Time"

A certain publisher whose name we don't care to mention runs regular bonus events, known as "Golden Time." While we won't claim to be above taking peeks at what they're doing, we don't want to use the same name, because inevitably players will assume that event schedule will work the same. Since it won't work the same, necessarily, we're coming up with a new name to avoid confusion.

Respond here with your best ideas on what to call our bonus experience/item drop events.

24 hours after this post is made, we'll close submissions and pick the one from the forums or Discord that we find the most amusing. Winner gets their idea immortalized (as soon as we get the devs to upload the revised text), and a stupid prize.

Haven't decided on prize yet, but if you're hoping for something valuable or OP, you'll probably be disappointed.

Now, do your worst.

EDIT: Thanks for participating, everyone. We have lots of possible names, as well as several potential pornographic film titles (thanks to heave use of the word "grind"). We'll pick and announce a winner soon-ish.


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    It seems like the weekend event (gain exp and drop) is to please everyone . Should we go for ‘Pleasant Time or Pleasant weekends’ ? that is my opinion.

  • The Lucky Stars Event (other iterations: The time of lucky stars is upon us, The lucky stars are out, etc.)

    Gift of the Heavenly Immortals (other iterations: Generosity of the Heavenly Immortals, Blessing of the Heavenly Immortals, etc.)

    Grind Time

    Fruits of Labour

    Prosperity in The Land

    Blessings of the Heavenly Papaya (Turn the Heavenly Papaya into a character that breaks the fourth wall between characters of the land and Papaya staff, where the Heavenly Papaya is a deity/god)

  • Are you talking about KR, VN, or the US? The Golden Time name was made up by KR devs, so you gonna change it?

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    I would suggest naming it one of the following:

    Lucky Day

    Dragons Race

    Dragons Hunt

    Rush Hour

    Heroic Age

    Grinding Rush

    Grinding Hour

    Limit Breaker

    Golden Hour

    Golden Race

    Golden Rush

    Golden Age

    Gold Hunt

    Question, do you still need experienced community representive? please reannounce if needed.

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    Back breaking bonus

    Exhausting extra

    Gruelling gift time

    Pink slip


    Junk in the trunk

    Cutthroat clash

    Queen's gambit

    Beggar's bamboozle

    Tantrum tournament

    Heavy-handed head-to-head

    Plunderer's puzzle

    Dragon's dance-off

    Tiger's tickle tussle

    Backyard brawl

    Matthew McConaughey

  • Bonus Weekend (or whatever day you decide on for those events)

  • Hi GM,

    Just a friendly hint: could you change the font colour when doing these contests? Because this topic barely got my attention kinda late in the game. Make it pink or cyan, please :)


  • There isn't a whole lot of functionality on these forums. Basically I can either announce a post... or not.

    Unless your creative process requires extended periods of meditation, you still have time. I'll fix the post when submissions close.

  • Creative processes always take extended periods of meditation. Put some "tornado meets a volcano" emojis could be another way. Make it scream in my face that it's important :)


  • Mark down one confused out-of-touch GM who didn't know that you could put emojis into forum posts.

    In my day, all we had were BBS's! With 255 unicode characters! And that was enough for us! We had legendary months-long flame wars! You kids these days, with your Tweeters and your Tick Tocks!

  • Haha,

    These things usually work with crowds, I mean just look on youtube, emojis are everywhere and they can lure you in watching them. It's just basic marketing, a nice looking package will get attention, nothing new really.


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