Pick and Equip Contest Results

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The Captains have spoken!

The results from the survey and the winners of the equipment sweepstakes are here!

Only the players who picked the most popular option were eligible to win their choice but the top three items from each category will be included in the next three Treasure Cove Seasons to give all Captains another shot!

For full details check the link: https://bit.ly/PickandEquip

All winners will be contacted through their primary email addresses.

Those who selected an option with Male and Female versions will have to reply with their choice (Another winner will get picked if they don't reply in an email or make a ticket within 6 months) before it will be sent to their Bank -> Receive Item. All others will find it in their bank within 2 business days.


1st - Shaman's Ceremonial Sword

2nd - Brave Warrior's Treasure Sword / Maiden Knights Treasure Sword

3rd - Laevatein


my8 & Tiannal

Body Equipment

1st - Maiden Knight's Armour / Brave Warrior's Armour

2nd - Hayreddin's Clothes

3rd - Josephine's Clothes / Prince Henrique's Clothes


XieXun & MistedSparrow

Head/Hand/Foot Equipment

1st - Brave Warrior's Shoes / Maiden Knight's Shoes

2nd - Kimono Hair Ribbon / Hakama Hat

3rd - Maiden Knight's Gloves / Brave Warrior's Gauntlets


c_2 & Shelfie

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