Daily Cho Cheng's Request not resetting

The daily in Hefei which gives you deco coupons doesn't reset, is this just for me or anyone else having this issue?

Could do it once at early EC level I think, but since then it didn't show up. Anything I can do or do I need to raise an support ticket?


  • Yep, I'm having the same issue. It only worked once.

  • Yes, the quest is not resetting!

  • Same here

  • Sorry I didn't see this earlier. The same thing happened to my own character recently. I suspect it has to do with the server clock not properly syncing somewhere, resulting in an error.

    We're altering the server schedule such that all daily events reset at the same time, which will hopefully fix this.

  • Did not fix it for me

  • All daily events now reset at 12am CEST (UTC+2). You're certain that you're waiting until this time to check?

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