tender stones of nine divine

would it be possible to have this item added to marketplace o at least have a event that we can collect items to make the item ( tender stones of nine divine )

thx for any info


  • I'm not sure if just adding them to the Marketplace is in the cards. Developers have some rather particular rules about what can & can't be purchased for cash, and while we haven't asked about selling the TSND, it wasn't included in the initial Marketplace catalogue so we figure there's a reason for it. We'll ask them about it for a future sale though.

  • Well this is my two cents, please do skip it if it doesn't sound logical.

    Getting TSND is very crucial for you to be able to compete in this, in terms of PvE-wise. Being able to finish dungeons fast, being able to tank more damage. Higher damage means more HP damage absorb, so players with higher damage which is +15 weapons and good relics can tank bosses more efficiently than others do. Let's not talk about how warrior performs in this game cause everyone pointed it out. Don't want to waste my time.

    Next, tomorrow's maintenance will change the daily/monthly rewards as you mentioned and I do not know whether it will be excluded from monthly reward like in Redfox. But. being able to claim a TSND through monthly reward makes F2P or not-so-F2P (or I call them planktons) can compete in this game. They can either make multiple accounts and sell those TSND or use for themselves, so, they will not fall behind that much. TSND, it helps a lot in many ways. People who play this game are those who have played it before on previous servers, in terms of player-base, it does not have that much. Rather than thinking to milk us out of TSND so we have to buy IM boxes to obtain it, please do consider to make the game more playable to non-P2W players. Stop repeating the mistakes the other publishers did and learn from them. Keep and improve your player base.

    F2P and planktons will fall behind if you keep making IM only contents. and what's left for you is a dead server. Remember, you get revenue from P2W players but what keeps this game alive and what makes P2W players want to spend more is the F2P and planktons. Each player plays a big role to keep the game running. No-one wants to spend pennies on a dead game. So keep the game alive and you should be able to obtain more revenue.

    Thanks for reading this useless reply lol

  • Thanks for all the feedback. It's a lot to go through, and you probably won't like this month's rewards (the TSND is still there but this version is no longer tradable). We're trying to see how many of our players were just logged in for the Connection Bonus rewards, and how making them non-tradable affects our overall numbers.

    F2P <-> P2W balance is a thin line, because we want paying players to feel like they're getting their money's worth, while giving non-paying players a chance to catch up with enough time and effort. But it's not difficult to create additional accounts, and we don't want automated account factories to become the only way to succeed without paying, either.

    Ultimately we are still learning about how the power curve works at the high end, and what high-end players value and consider worth their time, while trying to attract new users and remain appealing to casual players. I can't promise much right now, but detailed and well-thought feedback like this really helps us get a broad approach as to where things are, so we can better understand specific requests and how they will affect things overall.

    I'll try and remember to write more when I have time.

  • As long as you don't remove the TSND from monthly reward, it's still okay. At least they can use it for themselves. As I said weapons play a big role in this game, and knowing that you can actually farm it by using alts is quite a relief. I think the most crucial part for this game is to keep the player base. If you remove TSND from monthly reward, then this game is ruined for good. Learn from past publishers and do not favor P2W players too much. As I said, again, no one wants to spend on a dead game. if you guys want spenders to spend more, the game must be alive and kicking. And that way is to both favor P2W and F2P players.

  • TSND has to go from monthly calendar. All those farmers are still there they just wont sell the tsnd at the end and they will refine to +15 and sell those.

  • But it wont harm anyone, isnt it? The population of this game is already terrible. Let people do what they want and take profits moderately. As I said, keeping the player base is the most important aspect in my opinion. You can profit all you want but some people will quit if TSND is removed from monthly. Because it is only obtainable through IM boxes otherwise. I have stopped spending pennies on this game for now. I don't see it going soo long.

  • What do you mean it wont harm anyone? An influx of +15 repel weapons will crash the already weakened economy.

    Maybe they should try to please the active players so they play more. Make it farmable for all I care but not free in calendar and for 100 hours.

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