Bad event

after much praising the good work of the team so far. today I come with a complaint that everyone in the game agrees or the majority. in this new period of "Summer" event not even one player will have Xp bonus for me to climb. level since the maps where everyone levels up will not have xp bonus. so you managed to stop the grind. this will cause you to lose a lot of players in this period. with regard to the collection and exchange event. does not even have a marketable item or the economy is dead. even the TSDV (tjnxer stone Divine) that helped keep the economy turning can no longer be traded. put the KL lv2 accessory with 450hrs? do you really think that no one has life outside the game? we are mostly workers. where to get 300hs was already a giant effort where we had to leave the pc on even while we slept .. this time unfortunately the team did a terrible job for our month of July. review these points. I guarantee that I will not be the only one to come up with such complaints. don't let the game die for a silly mistake like this. have already managed to take down the competition with their great work. but with this event they are equal to the competition where we suffer so much from abusive events. tsm event items to be traded this is what keeps economy spinning. without that and without xp so we can level up the game is meaningless. thanks and review this before the game DIES!!!


  • Can only agree!

    Are you guys mini g bitcoins with the people playing 9d or why the hell Do you put it on 450h?

  • I totally agree with whats being said her , but what isnt being said is the fact that even though im one of the players that has left laptop on for the 300 hr Flaming of hermit monthly gift i would say in my opinion what a let down the items received are only of any use to low lvl players and are of no use if you are high level , what a disappointment . Whoever decided on those crap item obviously doent play the game or hasnt got a clue .

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