Event Issue

Whats happening to the game when events are on its ridiculous in respect of different maps = different drop and xp rates events starting at 0600 saturday morning till 10 am then start again in the evening 6pm till 10pm thats ridiculous why for heavens sake is any weekend event not on from Friday evening till sunday evening so everyone has the opportunity to be able to enjoy the event at some point over the weekend . Papaya Nine Dragons have made things so complicated why isnt it the same xp and drop rate on all maps during weekend events, but no lets make it so dam stupid and complicate things. Players need more information about whats going on in the game. But everything seems to be so Hush Hush. The game is so full of bugs and they dont get fixed , suggestions are made but none seem to be implemented into the game to make things better some good suggestions some not .


  • Please check the latest patch notes. We are no longer adjusting drop rates by maps, or running exp/drop rates at specific times of day.

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