Game closed

I just installed the game and when I open it everything is good but when the line goes 100% it closed without reason and I try installing it over and over again

I have windows 11.

and I run many games no problem

Can you please help me ???


  • Hi DemoTrix,

    As you may know, Windows 11 has not been officially released yet.

    What you're using is probably an Insider version (which is not the final one) or the build which has been leaked (which I highly advise against).

    Because of that I'm worried we can't guarantee the game to be succesfully running on Windows 11 as our developers can't really investigate on it yet.

    Best Regards,


  • But, are the game developers working for Windows 11? Are there any updates?

  • Yeah, can y'all make it compatible with Windows 11? Some of us are using the latest stable beta before it's officially released in October.

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