Wanted requests

I don't think people who attack others and lose should be able to put a wanted request on others. I can't chat or do a lot of things because some griefing noob killing AFK people attacked me and lost. Now I'm wanted? Is self defense not a thing in 9D? So dumb.


  • Sorry I did not see this earlier. My understanding (and limited experience) of the Wanted system was that what you describe isn't possible. However I'll check on it and confirm if it is, and if so, if it can be changed.

    Frankly I agree that it's rather absurd to be able to forcibly grief other players in this manner. There will never be a perfect system, but we should be able to fix obvious exploitation such as what you're describing.

  • he is right. It makes no sense to be harassed by others. We attacked them, they lost, they denounced and I went to jail. so what should i do? Standing still and letting them attack, it's silly.

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