[Road to Hainan] Community Art Work Presenting Event

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EDIT: By popular demand, this post is now on a board where players can actually reply and enter!

您好, 巨龍!

Salutations, Dragons!

We continue to be impressed with the amount of player engagement in our Nine Dragons service on Papaya Play. Even though our service has only been running for less than three months, we’ve observed communities forming and growing, and have watched passionate players powering through the Land and already reaching the highest levels of content available.

And we have even more in store for our players – Hainan is on the horizon.

But while we prepare this new challenge for you, we’d like to see even more of what you’ve been up to.

As such, we are organizing a showcase of player creativity, where the best entries, selected by the players, will be eligible for in-game rewards. 

What are we looking for? Anything original and creative, and themed around Nine Dragons. This could include artwork, stories, poetry, or even a collection of your favourite screenshots. 

The only stipulations are that your entry must be an entirely original creation (not plagiarized or modified from someone else), and it must be related to Nine Dragons.

Players will have the chance to vote on their favourite entries, and the three entries which receive the most votes will be eligible for a Kunlun Boss Accessory Box:

1st Place: Kunlun Boss Accessory Lv.5 Box

2nd Place: Kunlun Boss Accessory Lv.4 Box

3rd Place: Kunlun Boss Accessory Lv.3 Box

Submissions will begin on Aug.13th, and the deadline for submissions is Aug.20th. Voting ends on Aug.23rd, and the winners will be announced, and prizes awarded, the next day.

But wait, there’s more!

Not everyone can win, but we want everyone to feel like this contest is worth their time, even if they aren’t so confident that they can win. After prizes are awarded, we’re inviting every participant who submitted an entry to join us in Discord’s staging room, and to spend a minute or two explaining their entry to everyone who wishes to join us. Every player who submits a valid entry and participates in the Discord showcase will receive a Blood Sorcerer’s Crimson Weapon Box (Repel).

We look forward to seeing what you’ve got for us, as we all travel the Road to Hainan.


Thanks, and see you in the Land!

Team Papaya


  • We have made this new category, not only for this event but also any future fan art related to our game Nine Dragons.

    We can start utilize this section with this Art WORK event for sure^^

    Thanks all~ hope to see lot of interesting post from you guys!

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    Greetings Dragons of the Land,

    This is my submission for the event. It is a video file that can be used as live wallpaper if you want to. As the file size was large, I uploaded it on YouTube and posted its link here.


    PS: Tools used Photoshop, Premiere, and YOUTUBE videos :P

    1st Entry

  • Greatings, papaya!

    This is my submission 'art" for the contest.

    It represents my past and present in game. First was taken in the early 2000' when the game was quite new and second in 2021. The shots where made in the same place, but the first one was a bit edited in photoshop.


  • Greetings papaya, this is my submission for the art content and also this is an appreciation post to you!


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    Make salah -you get busy in The Land don't forget to make time for prayer

    Partners in Crime- Do you know how boring it is to walk all the way to Hefei without LF and TP (also defending yourself from same clan members because wanted)

    Duelsground8- the Cool kids hanging spot

    Business- AHHH YES the negotiator

    The Jail Keepers- The Land might not be paying these guys enough they let me out early just for a couple of cigarettes.

    Surprise visit- I swear I entered alone o_o

    uhhhh guys I think he might've drowned

    [GM[Staff - Forever in our hearts

    THE LAND.... of bots :D

    Part of the Resistance- Rise and take what's rightfully yours! (jk got bored so we started to kill the guards with infinite respawn)

    Somtimes when i kill a bunch of people i just like to take off my clothes and contemplate what im doing with my life. Damned Souls have feelings too.

    -I couldn't decide on one good SS for a submission so here's my favourite ones

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    Just a usual day where i need to protect my base :)

    So i heard we got a new place to fight for glory but...

    So i'm finally ready !

  • Hello everyone.

    This is my first try for the event. Created facebook / instagram profile photo and facebook cover for 9 dragons papaya. Dropping photos here. If there will be low quality, gonna drop photos to your email / discord for better quality. Also dropping screenshot how it looks like on my test page in facebook.

    Facebook cover (made 4 photos with different filters)

    Facebook photo (made 3 photos with different filters)

    Tools used: Photoshop CC / Lightroom.

    IGN Name: Korean / BuryMyBrains

    Hope you'll like it. Have fun everyone <3.

  • The story of a heroine - FataBabei

    In long-forgotten times, a heroine set out in search of the nine dragon heroes, leading her to the Begger clan, where she competed to become one of the best users of the CK-ung style. Through many battles and wars, our heroine passed on her name FataBabei.

    14 years have passed, the six clans have fought with each other, and the story of our heroine continues, in The Land with comrades from ancient times, come and carry on the war of the nine dragons!

    Cya in the Land - Riders !

  • Hello Dragons of the Land,

    This is my submission for the event - The Buff of Victory - FataMosului.

    IGN Name - FataMosului - SRWarriors LM

  • The Road to the Chi ! To be or no`t to be ~!

    Thanks, and see you in the Land!

  • So, shall we expect winner's list today?

  • they are probably on leave.

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