COVID Anxiety

What's up? Been damn stressed about the COVID News. I don't understand why are there so many variants like Delta and Lambda. And why are they in Greek? Lockdowns and restrictions almost everywhere. The news are suffocating me and it gives me panic attacks. During night, I can't help but, to think if the end is near. How did you guys overcome this anxiety?



  • The situation this pandemic is indeed stressing. How about getting vaccinated to ease your worries? Though, you can still be infected but, at least lesser chance of experiencing covid symptoms.

  • Yes, I'm considering that. However, I'm worried with the conspiracy saying of possibility of turning into a zombie. I've also read that vaccines are way to lessen population. Here goes my worries again.

  • Just an update, I got my first jab and it at least eased my worries. There are still sleepless nights but, I'm trying to recover as I can.

  • I saw in the news that vaccines are to be given to children below 17 years old. I can't stop thinking of what will be the side effects on them. I'm worried that they may suffer arm pain and fever like me.

  • I feel like I lucked out, getting a job with what's essentially a recession-proof industry (game sales INCREASE during economic recessions, since people have spare time). So it hasn't been so rough for me, but I keep up with the news a lot, and it feels like the worst effects are being "pushed down the ladder" to the people least able to deal with them. It's very disheartening.

    I had a bad reaction from my shots, but ultimately it's just how the immune system works. The effects of the virus are far, far worse.

    "Conspiratorial thinking" is an understandable method of trying to make sense of a world which seems to operate on completely alien principles. That doesn't mean that every conspiracy theory is true, but it's only natural that we start to grasp at whatever explanation presents itself, if it helps put things into perspective. So while I won't say that you're right to be worried like this, it's totally understandable that anyone would be.

    I recommend listening to/reading Slavoj Zizek at times like these. He's pretty far out there, but it sometimes helps put the mind at ease to hear someone say "Yes, things are as nuts as you think they are. You can stop worrying."

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