[BS-GLB EVENT] You Talk, We Listen (CS 2.41.0)

Hello BlackShot Global Mercs,

Got feedback on this latest update? Share your constructive feedback at this forum topic.


From 1 July 2021 - 15 July 2021, you need to share your feedback, of the latest Operation Twilight Ambush update, including the new Grenade Launchers, on this forum topic with your character name (IGN);

We will revise all entries, will take all feedback under consideration for upcoming updates, and reward all users that provide constructive feedback;


We will only consider as participants players that leave constructive feedback;

You need to post your correct character name (IGN);

Abusive behaviour it’s grounds for disqualification;


Top Feedback(s): CG805 Brenk Strike+ & McMillan Strike 7 days;

Participation: CG805 Brenk Strike+ 3 days 

Team BlackShot


  • sweet

  • First of all, thank you for the updates and innovations you brought.I don't like using grenade launchers.But bringing different types of grenade launchers increases both game development and diversity. I like the latest grenade launcher. Even though their powers are the same, the appearance of the last bamba thrower is really beautiful. Thanks to the BS team for the incoming updates and innovations. (IGN): MrGh0st

  • Acredito que estes lança granadas deviriam ser retirados pelo motivo de que é muito forte os damage, matam antes de você ver o personagem rival ou seja não dá nenhuma chance de reação pra revidar. Isso ajuda a decair cada vez mais o jogo, por que quando entrarem jogadores novos e serem massacrados por lança granadas já vão desanimar de permanece no jogo, isso também já está acontecendo com os antigos que já estão desanimando cada vez mais e migrando para outros jogos. O resultado dessa decadência já é grande como podem perceber no servidor BR. Agora com esses lanças vai só decair cada vez mais. Nas atualizações estão boas, mas poderiam dar umas melhoras na qualidade e com armas novas sem ser skin de armas já existe no jogo, e arrumarem os bugs da office e Sand Storm II, que da de ver pelas paredes em certo ponto dos mapas.

    (IGN): TdMunDoDei4oCriS

  • I think the grenade launchers are overpowered, even if it's something new that didn't have in the old Blackshot, I think it should be balanced in all levels of play, the current gameplay of the grenade launcher is just walk forward and shoot, no good gameplay whatsoever, people getting caught off guard and such are killing me with this weapon even if I have the upper hand, that shouldn't be allowed in the game, either turn down the damage or I think you should remove them entirely as this doesn't help the game, it just adds something that didn't have before.

    (IGN): IamTigas

  • Hello I'd like to say something about launcher, btw i returned playing playing Blackshoot after a long time of inactivity, i found new weap add (launcher) I feel like this gun it's unfair towards some player,cuz we can git die easy by launcher on Ranked mode, just i want from you to remove it from Ranked mode. About the other update I don't have anything to say, it were great update, keep killing each other guys.

    Best Wishes,

    (IGN): The____Vanisa

  • I believe that the Grenade Launcher / RPG is out of place, as many old and new Blackshot players can agree that in an FPS game, an RPG/GL can't be added (in my opinion) because it will ruin your gameplay. The only way to beat it is to use a gem sniper or a really good weapon, both of which many players lack. The idea that you may have two grenades and a grenade launcher feels completely out of place. What I'd want to see in the game are the old blackshots gachacoupons, old blackshot bundles, and old weapons.


    sahdawidek (IGN)

  • in my opinion launcher doesn't make the game more interesting since you can buy it with gold and people tend to abuse it in tdm or sd its just not fair as the other weapon since it has long range and can easily 1 shot people.I would recommend some weapon that is available to buy with gold and has better stats than normal bp weapon if you guys wanna get rid of the "cash game" name that you have.IGN:bingbong6969

  • Sweet Update

    IGN : xKonG

  • Na minha opniao deveriam retirar o Grenade Launcher  e lancas granadas dos modos tfm,tdm,sd e colocarem em um modo specifico para essas armas assim tornando o jogo melhor e nao um game com muitas desvantagens e achei top trazer a cheytac de bp porem nerfada ela vio como sempre armas de bps sempre fracas.....poderiam melhorar a ak black tambem pois precisa da 2 hits para vencer o adversários com hs e trazer o game de volta armas antigas etc....

    IGN: zSkillGood

  • edited September 7

    I used the NX1 Apocalypse+ for 3 days and it was quite a lot of fun, probably because the weapon is so overpowered and easy to play with. You should definitely re-adjust this weapon. Its projectile should travel quite a bit slower and should also be affected by gravity (travel in an arc, not in a straight line). This would make the weapon more difficult to use, especially at medium to long range. Hip-firing should be more accurate to compensate. With those changes the weapon would feel more like a launcher and less like a sniper.

    I like that you put the KSG-15 Neo Berserk and the DSR Neo Serpent as login rewards. This helps people who still need the achievements for those weapons. Please give us more regular access to these kind of weapons through daily login, playtime boxes, events, bounty box etc.

    Random stuff:

    • the Blazing Summer Boxes event doesn't seem to work for me. I've played more than an hour every day since the patch and never received any extra boxes. Please look into that.
    • add NX1 Apocalypse+ as comp reward
    • add achievements that reward weapons or items for TDR, DOM, FFA and RM modes
    • add repairable NX1 pistol as achievement reward
    • put some repairable tier 4 weapons into the bounty box (SCAR Omega, AK Spider, etc.)
    • put weapon restrictions and damage restrictions into the game modes that don't have them yet (TDR, SD, DOM)
    • put some weapons and useful items on sale sometimes. The cash shop has been pretty boring the last few months.
    • Grand Master weapons: make them better
    • give rewards for ranking in CTM mode. Nobody plays that mode anymore.
    • add a new weapon restriction: no grenade launchers


  • Acredito que o melhor dessa Season foram os pacotes juntamente com a Cheytac Desert

    Nx1 Granadier+ e Nx1 Apocalypse+ são armas variadas mas que não me agrada usá-las (utilizei a Nx1 Apocalypse+ , e pra quem joga no lag, é raro conseguir matar alguém.

    Seria bom se tivesse as armas de 4 estrelas que tinham antes no gachabox, exemplo: CG Bren Tuning, AK SRM Tuning, MP7 Sakura, AWP Harimau e outras. Pois muitos players que voltaram a jogar não possuem essas armas.

    Novos suits são bem vindos também!

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