6 Months MAX and this game is DEAD. (Papaya you need to act fast)

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Screen shot taken on 06/09/2021 - 6:36 AM GMT

What your witnessing in the picture above is the final days of WarRock unfortunately, the only thing that is sustaining this game at the moment is the few people who are buying premium on a monthly basis. But these people will eventually stop buying and the game will get too expensive to operate.

When that day comes, Papaya will take the same lead WarRock PH took by shutting down the game. I'm not sure if any other publisher will ever be willing to take over a game that is 14 years old. So we might actually be witnessing the end of this game.

Another thing to consider is that it's extremely difficult to bring new players to this game. Why? Everyone is too good. Most people who play have now been here since G1 days so it's extremely hard if not impossible for new players to compete with them. As a result, new players will get frustrated very quickly and quit the game all at once. Not to mention the amount of hate & toxicity they will receive from the community will be overwhelming.

To sum up, Papaya you need to find a proper way to market this game + Make room for new players. For example, put new players on a separate server for the first month or two. Let them learn how to play for a while with people their level before entering the main server. And ban anyone who takes advantage of this. For example, someone who has a main enters the new players' server should be banned. Whatever you need to do to qualify the new players for the extremely hard WarRock at the moment.

Good luck WarRock, you really need it.



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