Sheild of Evermore doesnt last for five minutes

My 'Sheild of Evermore' buff doesn't last for five minutes like its suposed to, it's also known as the 'Demonic Kung Drain Technique'. It goes ofter about a minute. Has anyone else notice this?


  • There haven't been any reports, but we can check on it, and compare it to other abilities across clans to see if it's consistent.

    I can't seem to find a technique named "Shield of Evermore," though. Can you tell me how/where you obtain it?

  • It's the 'Demonic Kung Drain Technique' from mount yanmo, clan base ... its a buff.

  • It's working when I test it, but there are two versions (Chi Kung and Holist). Which role are you, and which level is your technique currently trained to?

    Also keep in mind that the technique absorbs damage, so it should disappear once it's absorbed the full amount, whether or not it has time remaining.

  • im a Holist and its currently at cheng 1

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