"Accidental BountyHunters"

Ok, here i go..

Some days ago i was whistling happily around the seas when a pirate came to see me and tried to stole my pocket. I was lucky and i sank him, but the consequences... i became blue without wanting or needing it.

After that "coloured experience" and while being blue i was attacked again by another red one, resisting it as far as i could until i managed to find a way to left the ring and stay alive. I think i gave a fair and nice fight but the pirate complained because he thought i actued cowardly escaping instead trying to beat him as any bh should.

I felt i had to explain him why i left the ring and i believe he finally undestood my cryful reaction.

So this means that becoming blue after doing a sucessful defence can create us many problems and cause confussions with another players.

I'm not interested in being blue. I haven't the skills or the ship required to live as a one, but if i engage a combat i give my best (as poor as my "best" is) while i can, so the potential risk of ending blue again remains.

The fact is that i feel punished instead of rewarded after having a succesful defence and saving myself.

I consider this is such an issue, and the game could allow white defenders to choose if they want to become BH or not after winning the battle and just preserve their crew and their cargo.

Finally i apologyze about my horrid english.

Farewell sailors

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