Steam version broken

I put in a request the best way i could find to get your game removed from steam since it seems you don't care about your steam consumers. i have found at least 3 people having the same issue and before you state anything about my computer just understand I have a month old computer damn near brand new only use 4 times. (fiancé gave it to me when my old computer just couldn't run anymore). with that said all the steam version does is it opens it updates and close when you open it again its the same version as before the update and never updated and goes threw the process of updating again. i have gone through this 5 times and I got tired of it and went to give a nasty review but i already seen others do so so i didn't have to. so i took it one step further i came to your website just to relay this information to you that way i can see who the devs of this game really are. if it gets fixed cool then ill probably play it because I remember playing the snes version of uncharted waters and loved the game. The only reason i haven't downloaded it from this site is because I don't want to waste my time if I'm going to run into the same issue. I do not care for a responds unless it is from the devs. if you fix it then like i said cool ill be one of your biggest cash hogs if you don't then that is your lose and ill just go look for a different game and hope steam takes it off because as long as the steam version doesn't work it will only build a bad name for the developers.


  • These are the forums for Papaya Play's Nine Dragons service, which services the EU region. The Nine Dragons client on Steam is published by RedFox Games, with whom we are not affiliated and have no contact.

    If you're having an issue with the Nine Dragons client found on our website, we'll be happy to assist you. But we are not the developers for Nine Dragons, we are only another publisher, and can only service the service we specifically offer.

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