September 29th (Moved back 1 day) - Scavenger Hunt!

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您好, 巨龍!

Salutations, Dragons!

Thanks for being patient during our extended between-patch break. New content is on the way, but in the mean time, your GM team is hosting a scavenger hunt!

In order to participate, you’ll need to locate and collect one of each of the following items.

·       Gold Seal of The Tree

·       Wan Daye’s Red Jade Silk Jacket

·       Merchant’s [New] Clawed Spear

·       Green Seal

·       Purified Freezing Silver Powder

·       (Essence) Gold Nugget (Chi Kung)

Some are pretty obscure, but all are still obtainable. They’re tradable, too, if you can’t be bothered to do the legwork.

On Wednesday, September 29th (moved back one day), from 20:00 (8pm) to 22:00 (10pm) CEST (UTC +2), bring your collections to Liuheta Pagoda in Hangzhou. You’ll need to turn in all 6 items to the GM(s) present for verification (No, you can’t have them back. Sorry). Once you do, your character will receive your choice of one of the following 30-day decos:

·       [Exquisite] White Dragon wardrobe

·       [Exquisite] Tropical Swimsuit

·       Elite Assassin Costume [Orange]

·       Rising Kylin Outfit

After the time window is passed, we’ll randomly select one character, from everyone who successfully completed the hunt. This grand prize winner will receive one of the following epithets (or both, if that's how you roll):


Q. Where do I get these things!?

A. Finding that out is part of the “fun.”

Q. Can you credit the reward to a different character than the one who turns in the hunt items?

A. No, but all the decos can be placed into storage. As for the epithet… them’s the breaks.

Q. Can we participate with multiple characters?

A. Yes, albeit within reason. If “FunkMaster01” through “FunkMaster39” all show up, we’ll have to re-think our approach. You can then thank FunkMaster for ruining it for everyone else.

Q. What if I can only collect 5 items? Or 4?

A. Tethered Swimming for you, my friend. But the less grief you give us, the more likely we are to do something like this again.

Q. These prizes suck!

A. See previous answer.

Q. Why won’t you accept my “(Perfect) Gold Nugget (Chi Kung)”!?

A. Because it’s not what we asked for. Read the list. Then re-read it. Then read it one more time, for good measure.

Q. I collected everything! Can I have…?

A. Is it on the reward list? If the answer is “no,” please save your breath.

Q. How will you decide the random winner?

A. Probably some random number generation website.

Q. That’s shenanigans! You should do it in-game!

A. That’s not a question. And if you can suggest a better way to determine a winner at random, we’d like to hear it.


Thanks, and see you in the Land!

Team Papaya


  • Moved to General, please add any comments/feedback/point out that I'm actually wrong about any of those items still being available.

  • I've moved the reward day back one day, on account of Tuesday the 28th being maintenance day. We have to adjust our hours to work with the dev team so we wouldn't be in the office during the hours I had set. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Congratulations to our winner.... Nobody!

    Okay, it looks like I aimed too high on this one. The next scavenger hunt will feature simpler rules and better prizes.

    This is how we learn, folks.

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