Problems trying to run Uncharted Waters Online with Crossover Linux

Hi I need help with something. I've installed UWO with all updates and Linux lib32s and I am having a problem with running the game it crashes at start up. I switched Linux bottle compatibility from Windows 7 64 bit to Windows XP 64 bit that I saw somewhere else online with no evail. I have gotten several of my other PC Games to work with Linux Crossover. Is there any option if anybody is familiar with gaming in Linux like me or should I just use Steam on Linux to play it?


  • Linux always has been problematic running UWO not going to lie to you. I vaguely remember someone saying they got it working in a Windows Virtual machine within Linux but I never saw it confirmed. You could try that or try steam. Again don't get your hopes up Linux and UWO just don't mix because not many players run linux so Koei doesn't have incentive to try to make it work 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Good luck

  • What about running a duo OS so you can run it better using Windows? Papaya was saying that the new win 11 has some issues running the game as well so watch out for that.

  • Well I have a windows emulator known as Crossover - (Commercial Wine) that runs great on Arch Linux. Basically it emmulates all versions of Windows going back to XP .

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