[Event] Clan Christmas Art

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Hello, Soldiers!

As it is commonly known, Christmas is a time of peace that is full of magical moments that we enjoy living with our familes, and... of course it is also about making wishes! Well, we may not be Santa, but we've definitely made one of your biggest wishes come true - we're running a new event where your clan can obtain its own custom clan logo!

+Event rules:

  • Show yourself with your clan family on a Christmas-themed screenshot.
  • Screenshot must contain the WarRock watermark*.
  • The minimum amount of clan members per screenshot is set to three. However, there is no maximum amount. Only clan members can be shown in the screenshot (i.e. players who are not in your same clan cannot appear too).
  • The event application must be done by the clan master (by posting here following the steps shown in the entry sample).
  • Screenshot cannot be edited with any programs at all, and once your entry is sent, you cannot edit it.
  • Remember that this is a Christmas-themed event, so your screenshot will look a lot better if you're using some Christmas accessories, available both for WRC and for free in our several events!
  • Not only does the clan master need to post their Christmas-themed screenshot, but also the same screenshot (i.e. everybody should be in the exact same position in both screenshots) pressing TAB so that we can make sure that every user included in the screenshot indeed belongs to the same clan**!
  • Starting on Dec. 27th, any clan can participate in this event until January 14th, 2022.
  • You can submit your screenshots here: https://forum.papayaplay.com/discussion/2686/event-clan-christmas-art-submissions#latest


Entry Sample:

Master: [LGM]Fight

Clan: WarRockGameMasters

Screenshot: It's Xmas in WarRock!


*In order to take a screenshot with the WarRock watermark, you need to take the screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard. The saved screenshot can be found in the warrockEU-->Screenshot folder.

**Failing to meet one of these requirements will lead to a disqualification from this event.

+Event Rewards:

  • There will be a total of 6 winners - 3 EU/NA clans and 3 Asia Clans. They will be announced throughout the month of January.
  • The winners will be able to have their own Custom Clan Logo implemented in the game for their exclusive use! If your clan won, please get the clan master to send in a ticket for more instructions on how to get their logo changed.

+How will winners be selected?

  • All participating clans*** will enter to a random raffle, and we will randomly pick 3 winners for both servers (i.e. 6 in total).
  • However, the more Christmas-like your screenshot is, the more chances you will have at winning, since your clan's name can be entered up to three times in the raffle based on the Christmas spirit shown.

***If we clearly see that your clan didn't make any effort to take a screenshot that is somehow related to Christmas, you won't enter the raffle at all, and you may be disqualified from future clan-related events.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your

War Rock Team.

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