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Comment what you would like to see happen in the game here.


  • Would like to have the roles go back to normal, miss my hybrid buff and ability to heal others when needed.

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    Could you give some more details? I've only been playing the game since our service launched, and while the game data implies that there used to be more variation among different roles and clans, that was all way before my time.

    I don't know if the devs are going to make any big changes at this point, but I'd still like to hear more about what appealed to you and how we could perhaps recapture that.

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    As I see it in this newer version of the roles within the clans it's not like it was when I first started. Hybrids had the all attribute buff and heal which both could provide assistance to other players. Healers had 3 buffs that went str/dex , then ess/con, and wis and when went to ch10 it was +25 to all stats, with hybrids all buff went +15 to all stats. The only difference is that the healer had the ability to replenish ve to other players, hybrids didn't have that. Both had the ability to revive someone. This gave the ability of either Healer or Hybrid able to provide assistance with epithet runs.

    All I see now is that they Hybrids can only heal themselves which to me defeats what a Hybrid is all about within the game itself being able to do a bit of everything that all other roles offer.

    Healers still had the ability for the party buffs as well until they did the changes to each role. Plus hybrids had less buff training then a healer also, which is a good compromise of the two roles which is why I preferred to play as a Hybrid. Now I'm playing a healer......

    That is a short version of details, I'm sure some others will jump in and provide a bit more "detailed" explanation.

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    I'm afraid I can only speculate on why. It may be that roles were originally designed with a certain style of gameplay and balance, which couldn't be sustained over time. For example, if the majority of power eventually comes from gear, then differences in ability baselines mean less. If fights are over quickly, then a longer cooldown on a technique is less important. So the factors which made hybrids limited in their ability to do everything may have just faded over time as everyone progressed at the same rate, leaving ability pruning as the only recourse.

    Also our forums are unfortunately not particularly active. It's hard to get forums going (although I could have done more to make it happen earlier), and I get the feeling that certain cultures and/or age groups simply aren't as interested in forums as they are in social media. Times change, I suppose.

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