Need help

Where to swing a player above 220 level

in Kunlun, 87% experience in 5 hours of play....

It would be interesting to hear how to make money easier... on what you can earn hundreds of millions??

I play a lot, I like the game. Please help me with advice

(I don't speak English, I write through a translator.)


  • Maybe there are places with more experience than on these wolves? Maybe it's worth changing the ornament? I'm sorry, not a very experienced player. I don't know how to develop further. Tell me, please. Give me some advice

  • Hi there!

    I've spent more time running the game than playing it, but when I was in your position, I found that running dungeons at the right level can sometimes provide more experience. There is a list of dungeons here, and I hope you can find a translator for it. If your first language is Vietnamese, there are a lot of VN players on our official Discord.

  • for HG level go into SRS Dungeon green or red run. you can grind there until IM1. (for melee players)

    If your Chi kung player Loulan Dungeon RED run is the best option for you for IM+ lvl. You will need good equips to kill the mobs fast.

    You can also go into the new COF/VOH Extreme for HG+ until like IM4 or IM5. (nearly 1 lvl per run).

    To farm Cash make CoC red runs.

    Have fun, good luck :)

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