[Suggestion] for Premium Shop

I've been playing constantly now since the launch and I'm having quite a lot of fun actually. But there are some things I think that need improvement. I'd like to start with a suggestion for the Premium Shop.

In general I think what you should aim for is a premium shop that lists Cosmetic and Quality Of Life items and not only essential items (like Tincture and Serendipity). Here are a few examples I'd personally like to see in the future:

- Auto-Loot Skill for pets (I'd make this a permanent item and sell Pet Food. That way you can still have a constant Cashflow)

- Saddle of Swiftness Permanent

- Other Pet-Skills (This is literally a Goldmine in my opinion. You could add things like damage boost, speed boost and such)

You should also consider making some premium items tradable. This could benefit the Free2Play players and help with the longevity of the community/marketplace. It also adds an additional incentive for the ones that want to pay money, since they can then obtain gold via trading.

I'm interested in what you as a community think of this suggestion as well as Papaya Play and the 4Story devs. Thanks for the read


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