Game not connecting frequently on random times

I have been dealing with this game just becoming a nuisance for the past week. I have not been able to connect to the server because it will freeze as soon as it gets the character select screen loaded. Sometimes it'll get past the character select screen, but then sometimes it'll say the connection is busy and will just freeze. If I eventually get past the entire server connection process, I deal with the server disconnecting when trying to enter a dungeon.

Every time this game froze up, I'd have to restart the computer to restart the game because for some reason, it disappears from the task manager, so I can't end the task to restart the game. This has been nothing but frustrating, I wish this could be fixed pronto so I can get back to my game.


  • If the program freezes, press Alt + F4 to force close the application. This still will not connect the game to the server, and the problem NEEDS to be fixed.

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