50 % of the players already gone?!

Well I think the title says it all...

If you compare the first week with now you will see a huge missing amount of players.

It's like I am back at the official server...

hope you gona make some advertise or change something to attract people because if its keeping this way this server is gone soon.

Your Opinion?


  • me opinion is make game plaiyn n indows 8.1 so i can join too but this game is only gabage

  • The server has not introduced anything that would encourage people from other servers to play here. There is nothing here that would stop the players and give meaning to the next game. Copying modes from other servers on which players have spent a lot of time and do not want to start the same version from Papaya. Reheated chop that bored players after max a few weeks. This is sad because I myself hoped that the game will be a breath of freshness, there will be mechanics that we will not meet in other versions. One might be tempted to modernize the game, improve textures, make changes to the game engine. However, I was disappointed, I sympathize with the players who spent the money. It's like a private server.

  • The market is too big and many are offering more exciting games, which are indeed more affordable. Developers should thrive to develop loyal gamers by interacting with them. Maybe, make the experience fun.

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