30 fps with i5 6500?


Do you think an i5 6500 its not good cpu for warrock anymore?

Can i do something to increase my fps? I tried all, but nothing works...



  • an i5 6500 should be enough for most CQC Matches. Could give FPS issues in BG tho.

    All you can do is:

    1. Set your system to "highperformance" in the energie / powersupply settings
    2. Set the game to high priority via registry ( got a video for that, just search at youtube)
    3. Debloat your system to reduce background load of your system (use the debloat tool from "chris titus" it will remove windows junk, deactivate unnecessary services etc)
    4. Use the CCleaner to uninstall everything you dont need, deactivate autostarts and to clean your registry.
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