Extremely laggy

Warrock is like, Extremely lagging, Game randomly freezes up to 4-5 seconds, makeing the game nearly impossible to play, while other games run absolutely fine, no issue

Cpu : ryzen 9 5900x

ram 32 gb

gpu : Msi 3070 Ti

os : windows 11

does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue?


  • Set your game to HighPriority via Registry

    Set your PC to High Performance in the Energie / Powersupply settings

    Debloat your system to decrease background load

    Update your drivers via DriverBooster

    Thats all you can do.

  • 1 : done went from 15 sec freezes to 4-5 sec freezes

    2 : alrdy was on amd-high preformance profile

    3: cpu doesnt even go above 5% with game on.....

    4 : my drivers are already uptodate......

    Figured out that there is a complication between War rock.exe and Razer Cortex, turning cortex off fixes the lag issue

  • Your Nr.3

    Wrong. Thats your entire system load on all cores. Not the load of the single core WR runs on. WarRock is a old game that can only utilize one core and that core is usualy around 60-90% load while playing the game.

    To debloat your system, to deactivate unnecessary background activity helps to get a more fluent & smooth game & its always a good idea to do so :P

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    1.AMD processor needs low latency RAM. DDR4 4 cl14 14 34 3200mhz is perfect.

    Low memory speed and high timings will cause freezes and low fps.

    2.Try what Moritz suggests.

  • Like stated before, the cpu core (core 4) does not surpass 5% load when running warrock

    im currently running 3600mhz oced to a stable 4000 which

    and as stated before, it runs everything super smooth EXCEPT WARROCK

    but like i stated in my previous post :

    Figured out that there is a complication between War rock.exe and Razer Cortex, turning cortex off fixes the lag issue

    For some reason warrock does not want to work with razer cortex, disableing cortex fixes the issue, which is funny cuz cortex usually makes games run a bit smoother

    I also figured out that it only has a issue with Cortex on windows 11

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    1.I can run ddr4 4600mhz with cl 20 30 50 timings. But I chose 3600mhz with cl 14 15 34 timings.

    2.Check (screen bios) screen bios what mode your memory bus is in.

    3.Why are RAM with low timings so expensive?

  • I have the same Problem.

    My System is the almost the same

    AMD Ryzen 9500X

    Asus RTX 3070

    32 GB Ram 3600 Mhz

    The Game is very lagging.I dont know what is the Reason.

    All Systen Changes i have done but still is the Game is very slow.

    THX for some Help.

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