Crossbow not displaying properly

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Hello, I have been playing since before the transfer and have decided to come back recently and have found that crossbows are now displaying properly and are instead displaying over my character's hand.

Here's an example

The visual problem is not only linked with the specific crossbow I am using and is more prominently seen here

Since I've played before the server transfer to papayaplay, I remember the crossbow specifically being pointed vertically down with the stock-endof the crossbow being held by the character. Crossbows are now displaying diagonally and over my hand, not being held by my character. This problem seems to only be visible in my standing and walking animation while my running and jumping animations are ok. Is this a problem only I am experiencing? Is there any way you guys can fix this discrepancy?


  • This is the response I got from support when I asked about the animation

    We should be demanding good if not better service after the server transfer so lets keep this thread alive so they can revert it to how it looked before the game got into their hands.

  • Obligatory BUMP! :)

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