Hello everyone!

just a small doubt, formerly at the
 beginning of the server if I'm not 
mistaken it was possible to open more than 
simultaneous launcher, is it still possible 
or has it been disabled?


  • Hi there.

    You can run multiple instances of the Nine Dragons client, running different accounts, on a single machine. However, multiple launchers tend to interfere with one another, so it's best to open one game client and log in, before opening another one.

  • thanks for the confirmation, but I still can't after opening the first one I try to open another one but it doesn't run, in fact it doesn't even open the initial launcher and that without error messages or something like that, maybe there's something I'm doing wrong?

  • Possibly. Please send a support ticket, and I'll see if our IT department can find out what the issue might be.

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