World Server (Premium Only)

Let's face the truth that WarRock no longer the famous FPS way back 2007. It played by a community of less player from different country, region. There's also an idea coming from a player like me suggesting a merging of all 3 servers and he discussed about its pros and cons. Here's mine and hope you find it a little interesting.

Suggestion#1 : Create a World server where anyone from different country could play. This server can only be played/enter with a premium (it surely benefit the PapayaPlay, forcing a player who wants to play in World server to buy a premium package. Just like what we had way back in WarRock PH, where ALPHA server can only be access with premium account . The Cons with this server would be the lag and delay because of the internet connection of each player from different country.

Suggestion#2 : Create a special key in the itemshop ( im calling it -"SERVER KEY" and can only be bought by using WRcash and it has expiration, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, so on.) Any player who want to gain access to World Server must buy a "Server Key" in the Itemshop. Account with or without premium can play this World Server if it bought a "Server Key" to the itemshop. Again, lag and delay remain the issue here.

Suggestion#3 : Both having a Premium and Server Key, a player can only be gain acces to "World Server". Lag and delay may only be the problem with this server but it surely benefit the PapayaPlay. Playing with the world's best player in WarRock without getting ban (for using VPN) surely a great one. So, if a player get irritated or annoyed because of the lag and delay, he can play on his server, but for those player who really wanted to play with ALL world's best WR player (EU,NA,ASIA) this server is a MUST.


Hope ya read this one 😅

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