Hello Can someone help me with two specific questions first: bead of white tiger is currently dropable in the game? what is the percentage chance? second: ultimate tablet is it only possible to get through the infinite dungeon?


  • Hi there. As GM, I'm not allowed to give out drop %'s (I don't even have access to most of them), but I can verify if and where certain items are available. However, there doesn't appear to be an item named Beads of White Tiger in the game data. Are you referring to Beads of Silver Tiger? This item has a (VERY) small chance of dropping from Sacred White Tigers in Kunlun.

    Ultimate Tablets are available from multiple sources, besides the ID but these sources are often random boxes only available from the cash shop. The Annihilation Kylin in Kunlun has a small chance of dropping one, but this is a highly contested world boss. All characters receive an Ultimate Tablet as a quest reward for reaching levels 251 and 252, as well.

  • thanks for the info, i'll try my luck this weekend

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