How Correspondence with NPC works?

I'm trying to defect to Venice but they correspondence work the first time and the next real day I try and failed, then I thought that you can do correspondence with NPC every 10game days, but the bottom does not show anymore.

do I have to leave the sea area, ? is it really 10 days? or maybe port hopping, ? what is the correct process? thanks for help


  • First you need an aide that has correspondence skill for the nation you want and set them to job. Then you can interact with the fleets every 6 min.

  • it looks like it take longer that 6 minutes, and I need to be sailing i guess, because I was idle outside a port 34 days and still the NPC correspondence option didnt show, then i sail to a port and came back to Venice and then the option was available after about 15 days sailing

  • It shouldn't take that long between corr. But i was sailing around not staying outside port.

  • if I defect to a more powerful nation through correspondence, how much fame I lose?

    I know going to a weaker nation is just 5k per job

  • I think it's 50k from each profession but thats easy to make back.

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