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Hello Mercs,

Join the GMs in a Cold War for the ages, where wits, force of will, and superior tactics will win the day.


  • Mon, Wed 2100HRS CET


  • At the above timings, the GMs will create a match in a Christmas-themed map;

  • The room location and password will be announced via lobby announcement. Join the room and fight!;

  • You can only participate once a day and abusive behavior is grounds for disqualification;


  • Top 5 Fraggers: M4A1 X-Mas+ 14 days

  • Win: AWP Candy+ 3 days

  • Participation: Jingle Bell+ 3 days

Team BlackShot


  • Top Fraggers:

    • TwyMi : 81 Kills
    • Mantounsi : 70 Kills
    • CroutonDePain : 60 Kills
    • Guny : 54 Kills
    • AMBR0GI0 : 48 Kills

    Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the top fraggers! The rewards will be sent in the next days to your mail boxes.

    Team BlackShot

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