[BS-GLB EVENT] Winter Trials

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Hello Mercs,

It may be a season of merrymaking, but the battle never stops! Show that you are a 24/7 warrior by completing the Winter Trials and be amply rewarded.


  • 17 Dec 2020 - 12 Jan 2021 


  • During the event period, accomplish any of the following objectives in any server and mode. 

  1. Mission 1: Play 100 minutes on Clan War Mode
  2. Mission 2: Play 200 minutes on CTM Mode
  3. Mission 3: Play 100 minutes on the FFA Mode
  4. Mission 4: Play 200 minutes on the Competitive Mode

  • At the end of the event period, we will tabulate the results and reward you based on each objective you accomplished.


  • Barret Candy+ 7 days
  • M4A1 Candy+ 7 days
  • Desert Eagle Candy+ 7 days
  • Candy Cane X-Mas+ 7 days

Team BlackShot

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