how fix unreg hits

edited December 2022 in English

If the second processor core is 100% loaded, you are guaranteed to get unregister hits.

Do not disable background programs so that the processor loads all the cores evenly.

Find a balance programs so that the core with the game is loaded at 90-95% maximum.

I play at 75-120fps. I disabled 2 cores in the bios to achieve this balance with loading the game core.

I abandoned top processors for the sake of lowering fps and balancing the load of the core with the game.

It is this method that will get rid of unreg hits.

If I turn on all 6 cores of the processor, I get constant 139fps and 100% utilization of the second core. Accordingly, I shoot almost 30 bullets to kill the enemy.

Do not believe those who advise you to disable background programs for the sake of maximum fps. Together with the maximum fps you will get unregister hits.

You only need to disable background programs if you have a weak processor.



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