[BS-GLB EVENT] Operation Ice Curtain: You Talk, We Listen

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Hello Mercs,

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Mercs! This holiday season, we’ve got a new map, new weapon and plenty of items for you to customise your outfits with. It’s also the last update of 2022. Tell us how we’ve faired and be rewarded for your constructive criticism! We want to serve you better in 2023 so fire away!

Update Info:



From 15 December 2022 - 11 January 2023, submit your feedback on this forum post anytime during the event period. 

All constructive feedback will be taken into consideration, and you’ll be rewarded. Excellent feedback received will be specially rewarded.


We will only consider as valid participants the players that leave feedback on the new features of the update.

Abusive behavior it’s grounds for disqualification.


Top Feedback(s): MSR Tiger Eyes+ 7D & Frag Grenade Tiger Eyes+ 7D

Participation: MDR Corgi Jack+ 3D

Team BlackShot


  • Hi,

    First of all, i did not like the new patch, everyone expected good things, and you make our expectations lame anymore.

    Secondly, still there is a hack issue, i can see that child players who from egytp are still using speed hack, fly hack etc on comp. I previosly said that, IF YOU BRING A PLAYTIME ACHIVEMENT FOR COMPETITIVE LIKE 50 or 100 HOURS PLAYING BLACKSHOT AND MAKE IT HIGHER RANK LIKE MAJOR(1), THEN AT LEAST COMPETITIVE PLAYERS WOULD BE RELIEVED.

    Third one is that, i do not know if you read all of these forum feedbacks, but everyone wants to bring back old mastery shop like for pro 4 rifle mastery, you could get ak47 gold. Also, silencer and scope should be gold!

    Fourth one is that, every new patch you are sharing us only 2 weapons, and there is still no old weapons from garena time like mp5, ak47 dragon etc.

    Fifthly, recently i played 2000 SD matches, and i got Nx1 Deathbringer (5 Tier Sniper without+), and i realize that it is so slow to play and cannot even get 1 shot(the possibility is low), but i also know that 3 Tier Sniper can kill with 1 shot. I do not know the logic of it but i really suggest you to buff and nerf guns.

    Sixth one, I only have McMillan Chameleon (Tier 4 sniper) as a old weapon. But, i wanted to play with Scar Omega without + , and i could not even know that how to get these old weapons. Also, i have 850k gold, and i do not even know how to spend all of these. I am suggesting you that bring a new gachabox which can be open with gold (you can do your prize), and players can get easily these old guns. Otherwise, you are making discrimination.

    Seventh one, you may know the ExitLag which makes you play with better ping, even CS:GO Professional Players are using that and these days, i realized that ExitLag is a reason for ban, because of IP is changing, but i do not know the logic of it.

    Eight one, the game word-cencorship is useless. Arab country words are cursing us all the time. For example, do you know what A7A mean, or kosamok mean? A7A is Egytpian slang which is meaning f*ck, or sh*t. kosomk is ---AGAIN---- Egytpian slang language which is meaning your mom's p*ssy. And your word-cencorship cannot even cencor these words. However, in game if you want to type Again, your word-cencorship comes around and cencors this word.

    You are not playing Blackshot Global, and you are not even checking the rooms, the players. You do not know any idea that how pathetic Blackshot Global is. It used to be Europe-based game, but now it is Arab-based and i am not racist of any kind of that, but all of the bad things are coming from Arab countries; bad-words, hacks, etc.

    Also, i have a question for you.

    Are you from players side to make it beautiful for players, or do you just want to earn money in a easy way which is ignoring us?

    I do not know how to contact with you, the developers. This is my discord id supha #1231, i really want to talk with you.

    Thank You

    IGN- Kailyn_

  • Hello!

    -Im arabic guy and blackshot i cant play backshot without VPN and the VPN will be laggy there no vpn with out lag

    -The new UPDATE is good abt the old maps back and Good guns be in the new UPDATE and this is the best thing

    -The Hackers in competitive so many and the vip hackers Cant get ban like were not using macro or hack but they leet us use it

    -About the competitve again like the GOLD tier Playing with grand master and The black is that okay ??! Its not

    -I hope the Devs See That and i hope they Fix The Locaiont Problem Cus the VPNs So Laggy The Prem VPNs and the free

    -BlackShot username: Vee92Tap

    AND Thanks for seeing my Comment

  • Ah look, there is the monthly You talk we dont listen event. I dont even have to say alot anymore. Every season it is more dead. How pay to win this game is is also insane. You cant even get platinum rank in competitive without spending money. Never seen a game like this. I know you never read this so doesnt even matter

  • Hello! I want to say that thank you for bringing Favela back! Surely the players will apreciate. About the missions, i wish you'd go back to 60 minutes daily only tasks, because 100 minutes is a lot of time and i can't do most of the missions =/

  • Hello,

    First of all good morning/afternoon/evening, I want to thank you for bringing a map apart from being the first one that has environmental sounds very meaningful to me since I lived for a while in BR and I really liked that you recreate a map inspired by the favelas and will end this great year in this way, once again thank you very much also for keeping updated this game that I like very much. My overall experience of this new update has been simply extraordinary conjugating many outfits and weapons, especially the MSR snipers as they are my favorite. 

    And well thank you very much for everything and for reading this comment.

    IGN: 0mar

  • Hi!

    I really like this new update.

    With the return of the favela map, we Brazilians will be able to kill a little nostalgia for the map!

  • Hello GMs

    This is my opinion to change the game.

    Put the old Game mode Protect the commander... epic mode

    comback the old mastery headshot: 95-100exp, Normal kill: 70-80exp. LIKE A OLD BLACKSHOT

    More BP weapons and stop pay 2 win, scars and aks from BP cant kill 1 headshot. LIKE A OLD BLACKSHOT

    We need the comback from mastery rewards.(Melee Nz1 and nx1, AK Gold, Scopes and Silencers) FROM BP. LIKE A OLD BLACKSHOT

    Stop the competitive mode and comback Clan War, CW was better competition but in team from 5 players to play with friends, and the old clans system ranks. LIKE A OLD BLACKSHOT

    More Bp Guns like Ak Bayrak, scar aurum, mp7 Aurum, ak dragon, ak project dragon. FROM BP and make 1 Headshot 1 kill (Aks,Hks, Scars, etc...) And Fix the Snipers BP damage, nobody use that snipers because are bad. LIKE A OLD BLACKSHOT

    Finally, If this is a pay to win game and you are not going to change that, change the prices to be more moderate, so that they are more affordable for people, and improve the gifts when you rank up like in the old blackshot. LIKE A OLD BLACKSHOT

    Fix the security, lag off the game and make better optimization of the game

    Have a nice day. :)

    IGN: Faynev

  • Hello I want to say back old mastry of weapons for exemple pro 5 you can get ak gold from shop or something like + fixe the competitive we have to choose a team because competitive is unbalanced otherwise everything is good I wish you a good evening

    IGN: _S0xY

  • Hi

    i want to say, this update is good.

    1. You must change the damage of gold weapons (Rifles and pistols) 1 headshot 1 kill. This is the only game that an AK 47 does not kill in 1 HS.
    2. Fix the snipers damage, always 2 shoots or random shoot.
    3. Fix the security of the game (Hackers) And Improve game optimization

    ign: lmCHOKO


  • A Atualização foi ate boa porem poderia ser melhor pois e um evento de final de ano e vi menos hacks porem ainda tem muitos o bug de quando alguém entrava na sala e travava acabou depois dessa atualização

    1- gostaria que voltasse o blackshoot antigo com itens antigos e armas mastery igual antes chega em pro 5 rifle scop in shop e experth 4 ak gold in shop

    2- sistema de parceiro

    3- poder enviar intens de presente

    4- ping em competicoes com xclan

    5- modo competivo um host fixo para os jogadores que jogam esse modo nao tomem ban por usar vpn

    6- itens mais baratos

    7- uma melhora nas armas de bp

    8- kits de volta antigo com preços acessíveis

    10- mapas de volta antigos

    11- personagens antigos de volta como Marines,martins etc

    12- e subzero de volta e luck

    ign easyBanneD_

  • Hello Guys.

    -Mastery and weapons.

    Gms, put the mastery off the old blackshot:

    Headshot = 97

    Normal kill= 75-80

    its better than 30-40 per kill.

    -Put more weapons off gold and make gold weapons 3 stars kill from 1 headshot. (Ak47, Scars, etc...) Nots normally put 1 hs and they with 5 hp :).

    -Scope and silencers off GOLD !

    -Better optimization off the game.

    -Fix the security vs hackers.


    ign: ChokoTV

  • • The Christmas update is one of the legendary awaited updates on the game so lets review it.

    • Again we got some premium over 5 stars guns that makes the game more pay2win and makes a game even between people who use 4 stars because the 5 stars or op guns purpose are to be rare, that's why they are only available on gachabox , but does the game really need all those 5/6 stars guns? No we already have over 10 years of content that being recreated but sadly in a worst way. The guns are ridiculously op, can't have a chance against them.

    • brining back favela within the new mode was a good idea , this map is better than the first rp mode map, but some sounds in game are kind of annoying and useless. The community will always be grateful of returning old maps and items and that show us what the community really wants, yes they want their beloved old blackshot but of course its hard to stop the revolution project, we get that, but it isn't hard to make blackshot great again by considering people needs and ideas, We cant just keep getting every update some new op weapons , its too much.

    • are these op weapons what the game needs right now? No, the game need system changes as soon as possible, first we need balancing, either nerf the op weapons or create substitute weapons for f2p players , I noticed that the game administrator is actually afraid of putting trust on the players to buy just cosmetic, and that's how the revolution idea changed to pure pay2win , but let me say, in the start of revolution people actually spent their gems on goldbox to get any kind of skin, like vtg sniper and so, but the thing was , everything was nerfed back then and till today, if you are lucky enough to find someone owning a 4 or 5 star gold sniper you can check how slow is that sniper, so beside not trusting the customers, the game nerfed cosmetics they bought believing it will stay that way permanently as promised people, why? So they have no way to have fun ? So they have to buy new premium weapons? Its like a robbery tbh, for example awp hamiru was great either on old bs or first months of revolution , why it had to be nerfed with all of those gold weapons. And again there is no patch note I can find about this nerfs, and I don't know how to explain it if you don't. You should buff gold weapons again, or you cant get new players, if you are willing to let this game alive instead of taking every last drop of money from people , then think of making the community bigger and bringing back old mercenaries , they loved this game, no new player can actually continue playing this game, its unplayable without op guns, its so broken, that's why we have to have substitute weapons for each category , and here they're will be again a destiny decision to make , either make substitute weapons for every weapon even the 5 stars and 6 stars or nerf those op weapons or they will stay . Changing stats was a bad decision surely without asking the community. People felt robbed and left the game because of that event.

    •As a reminder, again every feedback contains returning mastery rewards, it was a reason to continue playing the game, reason to comeback everyday and play for a reward, to show pride of your mastery rank by that weapon that can beat op guns and it isn't available to no one except ones who achieved them. You can make them back as I said in old post by making them available to both , gems and mastery, but this is very important part of the game , people nowadays just hop in for some op guns to play competitive and log out, people just collect free guns to play that day or two, and when they get bored from those colored weapons they just leave, for what they should comeback? For mastery? They need long time to get grand master which has the only permanent reward and it is so bad , worse then a 3 star gun. The mastery system is over a year or two back but nothing new on it, no permanent weapons for pro 5, expert1 etc..

    •Rank rewards: when the game listened to people and finally changed those level numbers to ranks again they surely couldn't make a full list of rank rewards, because already some of those given weapons were available or became op or gold nerfed ones, so what was the genius solution? Make all rewards same as competitive but less days, either 1 day or 3 of nx weapons. Isn't it a joke? Having to complete millions of exp by playing hours to get a 3 day gun? Lets compare, commander in chief the last rank of the game that had a charismatic view , when you achieved it you get over a million bp which is gold now plus getting 100 days awp specter , wow . Now you get nx sniper for 3 days and no gold. Then what's the point of ranking? Of playing even. That's a major part of losing the players. 

    •players also want some old good mods, like protect the commander and sd infinity, Melaka the domination map, Tomb. This shouldn't be hard to make, all the content is already ready, why the hesitate?

    • I feel I have to remind you again about the tactic system, Its good way to balance weapons especially gold, but players have to upgrade it to get the special ability ? Isn't that greedy? greedy? so players have to play hours and in the end they need to face the pay wall again. We need system reworks and balancing before op weapons. The p2w gap is larger than ever and that impact the players consumption attitude, how? No one likes to be forced to pay for something, might work first month, second, but not forever, that obsession of the game will end with hate and that also will cause just more player loss.

    • I also still recommend to implement the mission in game so players can keep the track of progress and help gm team work on other things such as events or support, plus I hope I can hear their own opinion about the game right now plus the administrator. As the director of blackshot stated:''thanks for the your support over the years'' then what are this community getting in exchange? wake up before it dies, unless its already have been decided.

    • The first or second season of revolution, Blackshot has adapted finally a good system for snipers, a hit in body was 1 shot with every sniper lower and feet body less chance, that makes sense, it should be back and please be honest with players when you remove features, this feature should be back, a hit in upper body should kill no matter what sniper it is except auto ofc, hand or arm or lower body should be either hit or by chance plus buffing gold snipers..

    • Arab community is neglected, they are a big part of the game, but yet there are no forums or gms dedicated to them, not even discord chat, the ignorance can cause hate though, I understand they contain many hackers, but no one can judge a whole community for individuals actions, consider caring about this side and contain them .

    *Conclusion: What does the game need? building trust again in players, we need system reworks and balancing instead of op weapons, look at how the game used to be and now. 4 YEARS passed, this is no longer a project in first phases, it should have been completed, but it rather seems dying. The game still can't promote itself even after being in market over 12 years, don't get me wrong, it was working perfectly before revolution, especially after entering steam, the game has been tried by thousands of people but look at the result, its fine to admit and make it better instead of staying on the bubble and making it worse, people really has feelings for this game , it grew with them, but also they can't stick around forever, they will let it go eventually because their voice reached no where. You know, someday there will be a last goodbye to this game by some player, last log out with no feedback probably, because he feels you know and you probably do, what would happen to this game when everyone will and there are no new generation interested on the game?

    ign : AMBR0GI0

  • Salut,

    Tout le monde attend le retour de la compétition où on peux lancer a 5 la partie. Si le problème est de le farming alors bloquer les joueur qui lance avec un trop gros écarts de points comme sur Valorant ou CSGO. Ou alors avoir des clan war comme dans l'ancien temps avec des vrais objectifs pour les clans et joueurs.

    Bonne soirée!

  • hi gms and everyone

    i think making comp depends higher ranks is a wise choice cuz of the hackers and people who r making new accounts also reducing the price of suits sale and characters beside changing the comp rewards or making rewards for playing clan war so we can change to cw with a whole team finally trying to make a system with vote to players who think they hack so no one can be missjudged and thanks <3 my love for this game and it community

    ign ; _erreur_404_

  • edited January 2023



    We need some changes in game like

    First of all we want 5 person in competitive matches so we could play with our friends in game

    Secondly please change competitive rewards its been so long we are keep getting nx1 cyclone or nx1 judgement put some new weapons for competitive rewards

    Third you all guys are doing good job for making this game great n good i appreciate you all for doing that keep it up ... Have a very good day ☺️

    Ign -: xLORD_

  • Hello Mercs,

    First of all we would like to thank all players that participated and shared their feedback on the update. With this being said, the rewards will be sent to your loadouts soon.

    Don't forget to also participate on the new event here:


    Team BlackShot

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