Welcoming Brand-New CA's to the Fold!!

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Ahoy Captains,

We are happy to announce that 2 new Community Advisors will take part in our Community Support Team as of today: [CA]Fields and [CA]DrSeb!

Many of you will recognize these CAs and know their responsibilities, but for the rest of you, their roles are the following:

・Generally assist players in-game

・Report bugs/illegal activities to GMs

・Collect feedback and suggest improvements to GMs

・Monitor the in-game public chat

In order to get to know them better, here is the short introduction of our brand new CAs:



1) How long you have played UWO: Over 7 years

2) Things you are good at in the game:

 Land battles (dungeons/land zones), adventure, trade, piracy

3) A brief introduction of yourself:

I've been playing since around what I believe to be around 2014 (time flies when you having fun) I like doing adventure and trade and mostly land battles for the dungeon discos,

I have been helping players for a long time now and I like to try pass on my knowledge and advice to other players to progress themselves using in-game and my YouTube videos. 

My favourite place in the game is Hobart because it's a place people rarely go. I look forward to helping players in the future as CA just like I have been as a normal player.



1) How long you have played UWO: Around 5 years

2) Things you are good at in the game:

Adventuring, unlocking and exploring new game features, crafting, alchemy

3) A brief introduction of yourself:

Greetings and Salutations!

My name is DrSeb, Canadian (eh!), and I've been playing since 2013.  In-game, you might find me chasing legacies, collecting in-land with my pets, and counting my stacks of checks!  IRL I work in children's mental health and it's my hope this will have prepared me well for you lot!


Thank you to all Captains who applied for CAs. We greatly appreciate your application, and we hope to see your name again in future recruitment periods!

Be sure to say welcome these new Advisors into the fold and contact them if you have any questions or concerns about the World of Uncharted Waters.

See you all on high Seas!

-Team Uncharted Waters

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