Hi, newish player here.

Hello! I played this game a long time ago when the school wasn't in Sagres. I don't remember why I quit. I tried playing it again close to a year ago and I think I quit because the inventory annoyed me. I came here because I got an itch to play a sailing game again. I don't want to play other sailing games where you're just a ship lol and Uncharted Waters Origins isn't really my cup of tea. I don't really like gachas. My question is: is it too late for me to play the game? I feel like everyone is so established at this point and I'm afraid I won't make any friends. Can I increase my inventory without waiting a long time to do so? Also, what items are important for me to keep to help with inventory management? Sorry for all the questions. ❤️


  • Hello welcome back. No its not late to catch up. Papaya offers up to 3 accounts to work with and regular server buffs to rebuild your character quickly. If you focus, you can get to high lvl and skills in a couple months. There's lots of people and active companies to join to play with others.

    As for your inventory, you can get inv expansion bags now ingame from the new treasure chests that can expand your inv to 70 now.

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    Thank you so much for replying! I feel so much more confident now lol. As far as the treasure chests, I looked it up and it says that you can't appraise treasure chests until your fame in each job type is 10,000 or higher. Would you suggest using the other 2 accounts for storage until then?

  • Storage and skill diversity are some of the reasons why we can have up to 3 accounts with the storage factor being a major reason. The 10k fame requirement is very easy to attain so just save up the chests until you can start cashing them in at ganador. Since the contents of the chests are random, you'll need to go though quite a few to get alot of the inventory expanders. I wouldn't worry to much about that at the start since starting gear will be changing up quickly as you get though those early levels. Try and join an active company so you can play with others and gain better benefits.

    The other 2 account off of your main you should also be building up as you build up your main. Your alt accounts will be important for fleet cargo space so you'll want them lvl'd up to use bigger cargo ships (and have greater storage room in their quarters). Cargo is boss now in this game and with some of the new ships, a fleet of 3 can have around 10k cargo combined now!

  • Ooo! Okay that's awesome. :) Thank you so much! You are wonderful!

    Also, what job type would you recommend I start my main as? I was thinking I would start as adventurer to have sail handling but I actually want to do trader. Do you have all of your accounts as the same job/job type or are they different to take advantage of different skills? Sorry for all the questions. I just really want to take advantage of your knowledge while I can. ❤️

  • To start out i'd advise going for trade by the sounds of your style. Getting your character's trade lvl's up will get you important ships and the sailing around will automatically be building sail handling in the background even in trade jobs. Working also on adv will get you those important speed trade ships that you'll want. To build quickly try to get all the port permits so you can set up nanban trading. This will trade lvl's fast. Every 2 weeks for 5days ( wed-sun) there are server buffs that give bonus xp/skill rank points. The lower your lvl's are the bigger your boost will be so try to take advantage of these times when doing big trading.

    I personally only use 2 account but i split what i need in the game between them. My main is mainly focused on maritime/adv and my alt is Trade/adv. Sharing adv between the 2 is best because as i do my adv quests for discoveries, my alt is also making the same ones. This will be important since some areas in the game require you to have certain discoveries done so you'll want to make sure your whole fleet will be able to keep up with you as you adventure.

    Feel free to ask anything you'd like, this is an open forum and many experienced players come to the here with great advice. 🙂

  • Awesome! That is so helpful. So I actually chose adv as my starting job, how will I go about changing to trader?

    Thank you! I'm so determined this time to actually sink my teeth into this game. lol 😊

  • Jobs you change up at the guild GM. You will have to do some basic quests to get job cards for specific jobs first.

  • Okay thanks! :)

    Can I get the job cards for the other starting jobs from the school still? or is that changed?

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    yes do the quests from Sarges. use this reference site for a list of quests for the job cards. you can search quests by job cards.


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    From what I can see, the only quest on the website that gives a merchant's guild card is called the merchant's guild predicament besides the starting quest for traders. It says it requires the accounts skill though and the game says you have to change jobs to a favored job to learn the skill. I'm confused lol.

  • There's 2 quests for job cards "first job for the guild" and "the merchant guild predicament" . As for skills, the starting job "trade learner" gives accounts skill. The way skills work is like this... skills are ranked upto r15, You can rank any skill in any job up to r10 however if the job you are in doesn't favor a skill then you will only get 1/2 rank points (but you do still rank). To get past r10 to r15 you'll need to be in a job that favors the skill. On the site ivyro you can go straight to different jobs to see the exact quest you need to get that job, you'll see all the jobs under the professions link.

    To take a new skill you don't need to be in a specific job to get it, in your char info go to skills tab. you can click on each skill in the list and view the 'location' to where you can get the skill straight without jobs. The advantage of being in a job is that you can take the skills directly no matter where you are (different skills are gotten in different locations).

  • AzuraHawke would you like a play partner to team up with?

    I tried origins today and it made me want to pick up uwo again…

  • Hi! That sounds great. :)

    Yeah origins doesn't seem like that great of a game imo. :/ Honestly, super disappointed in it.

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